About Me & My Site

You can call me ETTiNGRiNDER, or EG for short. This site is a place to share my interests, primarily in video games, though I may include other items if I'm so inclined. I generally gravitate most to fantasy, swords & sorcery type of themes, often with a darker bent, (my second most preferred theme would probably be horror, as a theme rather than a gameplay style, think Castlevania or Doom for instance, followed by sci-fi and historical, less so modern/real world.) As gameplay genres go I generally prefer action, strategy, and certain types of RPG (tactical/gameplay-oriented end of the spectrum e.g. roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, Diablo-alikes). I prefer games with that work well in single-player and have enough of a gameplay-over-story focus to be worth repeat plays; the ability to play and create custom levels is also great.

Ever since the early years I would daydream about making my own games, and draw up elaborate plans for them, most of which I didn't even remotely have the skills to make into a reality at the time. Tinkering around with various forms of BASIC (from the Commodore 64 built-in up to QBASIC and Visual Basic) I made various small prototypes in my early years although they've all long since been lost. I still have a particular fascination with games that offer the opportunity to create my own adventures or layouts, though often as not I do more idle tinkering than released projects (although that's changing bit by bit, when I don't bite off more than I can chew, and can keep my perfectionist streak under control, at least.) I'm somewhat of a jack-of-all-trades, dabbling in level design, graphics, programming, and occasionally music & sound, though a master of none of these. In recent years I've also begun to build a collection of vintage gaming hardware and the accompanying games.

I have aimed to keep the ETTiNGRiNDER's Fortress web pages as no-nonsense as possible. That means simple page design, no ads, no JavaScript, no downloads with dodgy bundleware and no hit trackers. The page should work on older browsers, up to a point, and be light on resource consumption. The only way I know that people are visiting and appreciating the page is via e-mail correspondence, so drop me a line and let me know what you think and what you'd like to see more of.

I don't intend to do videos often, but I do have a BitChute account for uploading such.

One more thing! It's ETTiNGRiNDER, with all caps except for the "i"s. ETTiN GRiNDER with a space is also acceptable. Ettingrinder, EttinGrinder, etc. are wrong.

Contacting me

The best way to contact me is still by e-mail, drop me a line and I'll help as best as I can usually within a week or so. Do note that some e-mail hosts may erroneously block my address so check your spam folder if you don't see a reply after a bit. I don't use chat programs often and forum use is intermittent.