Abuse hints & tips

Here are some miscellaneous hints and secrets to help you play the game.

Destroy Ants with exploding architecture

If an Ant is in contact with a destructible wall/floor/ceiling when it explodes, the Ant will be instantly blown up as if with napalm. In some areas this is helpful for destroying hordes of Ants at once.

Destroy enemies with their own turrets

Gun turrets don't only kill Nick. They'll destroy all sorts of other things as well, such as Ants and other turrets, which can sometimes be used to your advantage.

Hold down buttons to do things quickly

You can hold down the [down arrow] key while running about and you will activate any activatable thing you pass near. This is quite helpful towards the ends of the game where you might need to enter a door as fast as possible to escape a time bomb explosion. Doing the same with [right mouse button] when you're about to get one of the special powers will make you immediately start running/flying when you get the powerup which can also be handy.

Secret hunting with lasers

You can use your basic laser gun to check for most secret walls. If the impact of the laser is a white pulse, the wall is typically solid. If you see red sparks instead, it's an indicator that the wall can be blown up if you keep shooting. Be aware, however, that some walls explode only by scripted triggers.

Notable secrets

Welcome to warp zone

On the first level (tutorial level), right after the first save station and before you pick up the speed booster chip, you will notice a damaged ceiling. Blow it up and use the jump booster to enter the secret area where you will find a door leading to three exit portals. These portals, from left to right, will take you to level 2 (skipping the rest of the tutorial), level 3 or level 4. (This works for both original Abuse and "Frabs").

"Secret level"

Not really a full level, but a unique hidden area. When you reach the exit of level 14, blow up the wall to the left of the exit portal. You will find the entrance to a red, alien area unlike anything else in the game. (Only applicable for retail Abuse.)

Getting music to work

If you are running the game via DOSBox, you'll generally have no problem with the emulated MIDI device. On Linux, you'll probably have to install and configure a MIDI synth such as FluidSynth on your system before it will work, but Windows systems should have one built in.

If, however, you're trying to run the game natively with music, be aware that Abuse is unusually persnickety about what MIDI hardware it will support. If you don't have a dedicated MIDI unit, a Sound Blaster AWE32 or AWE64 should work if its MPU-401 capability is properly set up (my particular one is the AWE64). You can not get music working on just a Sound Blaster 16 to the best of my knowledge.