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Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold vs. Standard edition?

Some thoughts I posted to the GOG boards regarding which quests were probably added in the Gold edition.

I have both a GOG copy and a CD copy of Sacred Lands, but they're both of the gold edition. However, what I do have is the official strategy guide which (like most such books) only covers the standard edition. It has some details on every quest, so what I can do is tell you which quests it lists and by power of deduction we can guess which ones might have been added by the Gold edition (assuming the guide didn't miss any.)

According to said guide, these are the ten (number specifically mentioned in the guide) standard edition quests:
Dragon Lands
Fire Fight
The Crown of Power
The Dark Temptress
The Plague
The Ultimate Battle
The Unholy Assault
Thug Festival
Witch Hunt

Therefore, I deduce that the following are the Gold Edition quests:
A Tutorial
Ashes to Ashes
Divine Empire (all chapters)
Switch Back Road
The Ancient Ruin
The Stake
Thunder Hill