Hexen II Add-ons

Here you can find levels and hubs to download for Hexen II.

Levels by other authors

"Black Plague" by Serge Jaeken
Two Thysis (Egyptian) themed maps (one regular, one boss map) by Serge Jaeken, dealing with the story of a plague emanating from the tomb of an evil pharaoh.

Screenshot of Black Plague

"Mission Pack by Rino"
A set of 22 small, mostly medieval maps by Rino. The maps are generally arranged in a linear fashion with only a few hub-style exits. In-game messages are in Italian. This set is a little rough around the edges in some places, but overall a fun adventure.
Rino's site

Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino

"Mission Pack by Rino 2" [PoP]
A second adventure by Rino, with 12 high quality maps in a linear progression. Primarily Blackmarsh themes are used, with a nice blend of Septimus elements in some areas to create a feel that's more evocative of the Renaissance than ancient Rome. Portal of Praevus is required to play (although PoP creatures/textures are not present.)
Rino's site

Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino 2 Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino 2

"The Tyrant's Tome" by whirledtsar
A short and sweet Roman-ish map with a somewhat arcadey feel while still including pleasing secrets and puzzles, and an aesthetic that surpasses Raven's original levels. Not a long-lasting experience, but a worthy one. Recommended.

Screenshot of The Tyrant's Tome

"Fortress of Four Doors" by C. Alan "calan" Larsen
A large hub by C. Alan "calan" Larsen, exploring all the themes in Hexen II (except Tulku) and concluding with a rematch vs. Eidolon.

Screenshot of Fortress of Four Doors Screenshot of Fortress of Four Doors

"Buried Spire" by Jeremy Statz (Terata) [PoP]
A short but quality medieval map by Jeremy Statz (Terata). Apparently an outtake from the author's work on Portal of Praevus and requires PoP to play, although it does not contain any of the new creatures or textures that I could see.

Screenshot of Buried Spire

"The Temple of Chaos" by Tobias Persson AKA Tobey
A single action-oriented map by Tobias Persson AKA Tobey.
The author says: "An ancient-Egyptian-temple/tomb themed map... There's not much puzzling & thinking going on in here, but there's plenty of Brutal Pain And Death (tm)... (This map is quite hard, so often it's YOU that experience BPAD{tm})"

Screenshot of Temple of Chaos

"Discourteous Bisect (MARTIMH2)" by The MarTim Team
A small single player level with primarily medieval texturing, by The MarTim Team (Tim van Hal, Marco van Schriek, & Roel Tiemessen). There's some competent construction, but a few flaws, the most serious being that you cannot play as the Paladin since you need to shoot a switch at a point where you'll only have the sword as this class.

Screenshot of Discourteous Bisect

"The Docks" (Heretic E1M1) by Kenon
A recreation of E1M1 "The Docks" from the original Heretic, including the original textures and music. Well-done for what it is (a pretty much faithful recreation of the layout, aside from monster loadout and a few other small alterations) although I could have wished for something more of a reinterpretation taking advantage of Hexen II's advances, rather than a closely copied map.

Screenshot of The Docks

"Ahumado's Skull" by Jan M. Pear
A two-map adventure by Jan M. Pear encompassing medieval and egyptian themes. You are on a quest to retrieve the skull of Ahumado. A bit strange and cryptic in some parts, but interesting. There is an error that pops up in the messages about a missing ambient sound sometimes, but it doesn't harm gameplay.

Screenshot of Ahumado's Skull Screenshot of Ahumado's Skull

"Speeeed's Imagination or Speeed's Folly" by Jan M. Pear
A single level with a mixture of themes, by Jan M. Pear. This one is rather strange and could be considered more of an experimental/comedy map with some off-color humour. It's interesting and showcases some neat stuff Hexen II can do, but not recommended for someone who prefers a serious adventure.

Screenshot of Speeed