Portal to Other Worlds

Links to various pages with topics related in some way to my own. They were worthwhile when I checked them but I cannot be held responsible for anything you find there. Please let me know if you encounter any broken links or if any of the sites have gone bad.

Friend's sites

Resources for Total Conversions and Mods - a BUILD engine modding and information site that covers Duke Nukem 3D as well as all the rest of the commercially released BUILD games. (Corvin's site)

Doomkid's deathmatch-oriented Doom fan page with a cheesy oldschool style, including his and others' WADs.

Doom, Heretic, Hexen

A central hub for Doom-related activity.

Chocolate Doom
No-nonsense ports of Doom, Heretic, Hexen and Strife that aim to be as accurate as possible to the original games.

Hammer of Thyrion
A good no-nonsense port of Hexen II to modern systems, including useful bugfixes. Site also offers a few Hexen II add-ons.

Heretic Hides
Skins, models, maps & editing resources for Heretic II.

Yak's Heretic II Abode
Heretic II site pertaining to the Heretic Fortress multiplayer mod and the Ogle Quest singleplayer campaign. Possibly still updated.

Rino's mission packs and maps
Rino's site and home to the "Mission Pack by Rino" addons for Hexen II.

Hexen II Stables
A mirror of a site containing maps and mods for Hexen II, primarily multiplayer oriented. (file mirror here)

Doom Wiki
Wiki of information on Doom and related games—walkthroughs, creature and item data, technical details, trivia, you name it.

Wad Archive
An index of Doom / Doom 2 wads with screenshots and (in many cases) downloads. Especially interesting are the pages indexing shovelware CDs. Also, now offers downloads for many WADs that cannot currently be found in the idgames archives.

Wads In Progress
A site for WAD authors to showcase their upcoming work.

The DOOM Level CD Collection on archive.org
A collection of CD images from Doom shovelware discs, a subcategory of archive.org's larger shovelware CD collection

Enjay's Dehacked information and tutorials
A reference for using the Doom behavior editor DeHackEd.

Hexen Mage Tower
Some rather interesting and quirky mods for Hexen, Heretic and Doom, based on the Doomsday port. Also includes some information and maps from the H!ZONE collection. They do have a tendency to take old versions down when working on a new iteration of the mods though, even if the new version doesn't appear to be up.

Kenon's Site
Site of Russian level author Kenon with some of his Heretic, Hexen and Hexen II maps and mods. (Russian)

The Death Match HQ
Old, cheesy site dedicated to Doom(2), Heretic and Hexen deathmatch. Not updated since 1999 but still up and containing some downloads of wads, mods and then-current ports.

Andy Olivera's Visions of Doom
Not the friendliest site design, but this page has some downloads for hard-to-find Doom WADs.

Quake series

Quake maps and resources.

Quake Wiki
A wiki devoted to the first Quake game.

Signs of Koth
Kell's site with the Quoth mod for Quake, as well as Quake texture packs and skyboxes.

Although long stagnant, and with a few holes now, this site and its hosted pages contain lots of Quake 2 maps, skins, and other goodies from back when.

Deacon's TOMB Quake 2 Maps
A big archive of maps for Quake 2. Screenshots for every map but not much other pre-download info. Possibly all deathmatch maps.

The SIN Raven Quake II Site
A Quake II fan page with lots of oldschool goodies like icons, wallpapers, old ports, and a few maps and mods.

Yamagi Quake 2
A good no-nonsense port & bugfix of Quake 2 for modern systems.

Quake Terminus
An old and seemingly stagnant site whose main value is the downloads provided for old tools and mods.

Quake Downloads
What it says on the tin, another site for downloading Quake maps, mods and tools.

Server listings for the Quake series multiplayer.

Quake 2 multiplayer and server listings

An archived copy of Leviathen's skins page. Some of the download files can be found here

Shrak Homepage
The official site for the "Shrak" commercial add-on for Quake still exists, including some downloadable goodies.

Severance: Blade of Darkness

Big Truck's Severance: Blade of Darkness Page
Including maps, mods, mapping information and utilities. Lots of useful stuff here

Prospero's Blade Page
Severance: Blade of Darkness page with maps, mods, etc.

Disciples series

Fan site for the Disciples series.

Disciples II Extensions
Utilities & maps for Disciples II. (predominantly Russian)

Warcraft II

Warcraft II Rulez
Warcraft II site with tons of custom PUDs, some utilities, and cheesy olschool web vibe.

The Warcraft II Occult
Axolotl's Warcraft II page with strategies, multiplayer tips, PUD downloads and interesting trivia (mirrored version of a dead site).

The Tide Goes On
Cade's Warcraft II page, with various info and some PUDs, but most notably a document of the PUD format technical specs.

German Warcraft fan site, primarily Warcraft II but with a bit of Warcraft III and WoW stuff as well. Doesn't seem to be maintained any longer, but still working.

A utility to pseudorandomly generate Warcraft II PUD layouts with a variety of settings.

Star Wars / Dark Forces

The Admiral's Command Center
A site with add-on levels for Dark Forces and its sequels.

General site for Dark Forces, although lots of pages are "Under Construction". Includes add-on levels.

Might & Magic series

Celestial Heavens
"All things Might & Magic" according to the site description, though focused more on the newer games.

Heroes of Might and Magic Portal
Fan site for the HoMM series, including a custom map section with entries for all the games.

Maps 4 Heroes
Archive of maps for HoMM 3-6.

Quebec Dragon's Heroes of Might & Magic Archives
A collection of custom maps for the original HoMM.

Civilization (mostly Civ 2)

Civilization Fantatics Center
Hub site & forums for the Civilization series.

Catfish's Cave
Resources for Civilization II: Test of Time (Info, mods, etc.)

Mercator's Civilization 2 Site
Maps, utilities and info for Civilization II.

Wolfenstein 3D and similar games

The Wolfenstein 3D Dome
An extensive site dedicated to Wolfenstein 3D, including lots of mods and modding info.

Mr. Lowe's Wolf 3-D Page
Tons of Wolfenstein 3D (and some Blake Stone as well) custom level and mod info, including mods for some of the non-DOS versions of the game. Despite the page's oldschool looks, it appears to still be alive, having been updated within the past year.

Adam Biser's mods and utilities for Wolfenstein 3-D.

KBW's Corridor 7 Homepage
An in-depth fan shrine to Capstone Software's Corridor 7.

The official Ken's Labyrinth page
Ken Silverman's official site for Ken's Labyrinth with hints, tools and source code.

The HUNT: Rise of the Triad
A Rise of the Triad fan page.


Descent Mission Database
A hub for downloading and uploading custom missions for the Descent games.

Archive of level packs for Descent 1, 2, and 3.

BUILD Engine (Duke 3D, Shadow Warrior, etc.)

Duke Nukem fan community and forums (not limited to Duke Nukem Forever).

Duke Nukem Repository
Maps, utilities, and more.

Come Get Some!
Duke Nukem 3D custom map reviews and downloads.

Mikko Sandt Duke Nukem (MSDN)
Another Duke Nukem 3D custom map download and review site.

Shadow Warrior Central
Fan page and map archive for the original 3D Realms Shadow Warrior.

Legacy of Kain

Dark Chronicle
Extensive information on the Legacy of Kain series.

Nosgothic Realm
General Legacy of Kain fan site.

The Lost Worlds
A site focused on cut content and development info for the games of the Legacy of Kain series. Also includes some viewing/editing tools for the game data files.

Blood Omnicide
Fan project attempting to create a modernized version of Blood Omen.

Freeware games (non-"freemium")

A Turrican fan game with classic looks and a level editor.

Another Turrican fan game, this one with an updated look. Also has a level editor.

Sauerbraten (Cube 2)
A mostly multiplayer-oriented FPS with an interesting in-game level editor. A Linux version is available.

Jocke the Beast
Small freeware games by Jocke the Beast, mostly QBASIC based.

Gods Deluxe Remake
A remake of Bitmap Brothers' "Gods" with a level editor and some extra levels.

A quirky old horror/fantasy shooter for DOS, former shareware.

Freeware games site. Old but a good archive of titles from the early 2000s.

Game utilities

WAD, PK3 and other game archive resource manager, as well as level editor for Doom-engine games.

Linux-friendly map editor for Doom & Heretic, and now Hexen as well.

An editor for Quake, Quake 2 and Hexen 2 maps, and tutorials for its use.

A free clone of Valve's Hammer editor.

220 Map Converter
Map conversion utility which lets you use Hammer (or its free clone Sledge) to create maps for older Quake-engine games, including Hexen II and Heretic II.

Psuedorandom map generator, primarily for Doom engine games.

An open-source image editor similar to Deluxe Paint, with a focus on editing paletted images such as 256-color VGA.

Games misc.

Hosts a variety of archives for older games, including the idgames archive for Doom-engine games, as well as Quake, Unreal, Wolfenstein 3D, Duke Nukem 3D, etc.

Mirrors of various old game-related (mostly FPS) file hosting. Good for an archaeology trip.

Fan page for the Warlords TBS series (only, no Battlecry). Has patches, downloadable scenarios, etc.

The Claw Recluse
Fan site for Monolith's PC platformer Claw, with custom levels and lots more.

Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Online
Fan site for Jazz Jackrabbit 2, including custom level archives.

Turrican SETA
Fan page for Turrican as well as fangames and similar games. Includes an archive of user-created levels for T2002 and Hurrican.

Doom Wad Station
Fairly cheesy site design, but has many downloadable add-ons for not only Doom & Doom 2, but also covers Doom 3, Doom 2016, the various Quakes, Heretic, Hexen, Duke Nukem 3D and Wolfenstein 3D.

X-BoT's OMF Universe
Fan page for One Must Fall 2097 and One Must Fall Battlegrounds, with a variety of info and downloads.

DOS haven: 21st Century DOS Games
A page dedicated to games released for DOS post 2000.

NecroBones Headquarters
Ed T. Toton III's page, including old games he released under the "NecroBones" moniker, and game addons, among other things.

DAV Levels
DAV's maps and mods for Doom2, Heretic, Hexen, Half-Life, Quake and Quake2.

Fighting Fantasy Project
Fighting Fantasy fanbooks that you can play online.

A fan wiki dedicated to the Commander Keen series and mods for it.

An unofficial reimplimentation of the second Commander Keen trilogy that works on Linux.

Developer of freeware games with an oldschool-like style.

The Castlevania Dungeon
A Castlevania fan site.

Personal site with a bunch of maps for various games.

Dark Reign.ws
A homepage for the sci-fi RTS Dark Reign, including maps and mods.

Master of Orion II - ICE mod
Site with Master of Orion II unofficial bugfix and mods, including the ICE mod.

An archive of ZZT mods.

An archive of MegaZeux versions and mods.

DOS Game Modding Wiki
Wiki of file format and modding information for various DOS games.

NES Hacker wiki
Wiki of information on memory cheats and modding for NES games.

Eye of the Beholder file formats
A project to decipher the file formats used by Eye of the Beholder and Lands of Lore.

Dungeon Master Encyclopaedia
Information on the Dungeon Master games, including Windows port.

Androthi's Classic Games
A really oldschool-style web site mostly dedicated to cheat codes and trainers.

Kult Cover Disks
Preservation site for gaming magazine cover CDs.

SynTax Adventure Magazine
Archive of a gaming e-zine that ran from 1989-2004, focused primarily on the adventure genre for Atari ST and later PC.

The CRPG Addict
One player's journey through the history of computer RPGs with playthrough reports, reviews and discussion. Quite interesting albeit spoiler-heavy.

Games general

Games database.

Online Games DatenBank
Games database, in German.

The Patches Scrolls
Archive of official game patches.

RGB Classics
Old games, legal downloads (freeware / shareware / demo).

Freeware & shareware game downloads for DOS, and DOS games forum.


A superior choice for compression software. Free and open source.

A quality index of freeware and shareware programs. While they don't ban adware entirely, they at least filter out the worst, and warn you about packages that try to install crap.

The Free Country
An extensive index of free (as in beer) programming utilities, website dev info, and other handy things.


D-Fend Reloaded
A frontend that simplifies installing and using DOSBox. You can set it up to launch Windows games, too.

Vintage hardware & software

An open-source project to create a compatible replacement for MS-DOS.

Phils Computer Lab
Vintage PC enthusiast site where you can find, among other things, drivers and benchmarks for older DOS/Windows 9x era hardware.

BTTR Software
Open-source utilities and applications for DOS.

The Oldskool PC
Dedicated to old PCs and their software, particularly from the 80s.

You can find old versions of various software downloads here. Handy if you're looking for a version that will run on an older system.

The Dark Corner BBS
Various vintage/DOS sorts of files including programs, source code, and music.

Various boot floppy images for old OSes.

Phat Code
Oldschool and demoscene tools, programs, games, etc. Particular emphasis on QBASIC.

Powerful hex editor that offers a DOS version.

Bret Johnson's DOS utilities
A DOS USB driver and some small DOS TSR programs by Bret Johnson including a slowdown utility, some with source code.

A lightweight MIDI player for DOS. Open source.

Hall of Light
A game database dedicated specifically to the Commodore Amiga.

Atari Mania
Information and game databases for various Atari systems, both computers and consoles.

Very Old Games On New Systems - a forum originally focused on emulation, but which also has sections for discussion about gaming on vintage computers.


Open Watcom
The open-source continuation of the Watcom C compiler, which can build DOS executables and was used in the creation of some DOS-era games, including the Witchaven games and hence EGwhaven as well. You can also download the last version of the old Watcom. Unlike some other compilers there are no strings attached to download.

Programming MS-DOS With Power
Reference for various DOS programming techniques.

256-Color VGA Programming in C
A basic introduction to handling VGA graphics in DOS.

Paul Hsieh's WATCOM C/C++ Programmer's FAQ
Various bits of info on using the Watcom compiler.

Game Programming in C with the NCurses Library
A clear and simple introduction to programming with NCurses.

A Simple Makefile Tutorial
Makefile syntax demystified.

Rooms and Mazes: A Procedural Dungeon Generator
Interesting article on an approach to pseudorandom map generation for Roguelike games, etc.

Dead Links

You may be able to access these pages via archive.org or archive.is.

Remain in Play
A site dedicated to commercial games that have been rereleased as freeware and/or whose source code has been released.

The Eye of Horus
Although slightly incomplete in places, this is an invaluable reference for Hexen II mapping.

Disciples II Dungeon
A fan site for Disciples II.

Level-CD Collector
An interesting index of addon discs and shovelware for various games, mainly FPS games (Doom, Duke 3D, Quake, etc.) (German)

SR-Suicide's Warcraft 2 Maps and Puds page
A site that has a generous handful of .PUDs to download.

Waldo's Hexen Page
Old and cheesy Hexen fan page, but has some useful Hexen editing info, and detailed pages for Chet Walters' "Vaults" and "Caldera" map sets.

Mega Maker
A Mega Man fan game combining elements of the various NES versions, with a focus on creating and sharing custom levels. Tons of fun.

Dark Forces Database
Star Wars: Dark Forces fan site with info and add-on levels.