My projects

Here you will find a list of various game modding and programming projects that I have released.

Add-on Game Levels / Maps

2017-10-18Chaos in Bloom (HUMP E2M5)Heretic level (community project contribution)
2015-02-06Mountain King's DomainHeretic level
2014-01-27Shining IslesDisciples: Sacred Lands quest
2013-10-08Valley of SaintsHeretic level
2013-06-28Heart of IceDisciples: Sacred Lands quest
2012-07-15CovenHeretic level
2011-01-27Cavern of EarthbloodHeretic ZDoom level

For more details, see the Heretic add-ons page and the Disciples page.

Graphical Resources

C.R.U.E.L. Texture Pack for Hexen. An ongoing companion project to my as-yet-unfinished C.R.U.E.L. map set for Hexen (see WIP page).

Engine Modification


EGwhaven, Witchaven and Witchaven II source modifications. See the dedicated page for full details.

Unofficial Patches

ETTiNGRiNDER's Unofficial Witchaven level patches
An unofficial IPS patch set to repair issues in the Witchaven .MAP data, as a companion project to the EGwhaven source code fixes.

Game Utilities

JOETOOLS, my basic command-line utilities to pack and unpack Capstone Software JOESND-type archives (Witchaven, Witchaven II, TekWar). Includes source code under the MIT open source license.