Vintage PC Software

This section has some recommendations for working with old DOS/Windows versions. All of this software can be freely downloaded unless otherwise noted, and contained no adware/bundleware in the versions I checked.

Recommended software for Windows 98SE

  • This USB Mass Storage Device driver will help get you past the need to transfer things by floppy once you've got it installed. It might not work with every drive; a Cruzer Blade seems to work well with my machine.

For software version, I note the latest version I have tested to work, while for Windows version I note the earliest version I have tested to work. As of the current writing, I have not tested any Windows version other than 98SE.

Most DOS programs, listed further down the page, will also work on a Windows 9x system unless otherwise noted.

SoftwareSoftware VersionWindows VersionDescriptionLink
7-Zip9.2098SEExcellent compression/decompression software for .7Z, .ZIP and other archive formatsHomepage
HashCalc2.0298SECalculate file checksums, offers a wide variety of methodsSlavaSoft Homepage
HJ-Split3.098SESplit/join files (e.g. for floppy disk storage/transfer), also calculates MD5 checksumsHomepage
ICY Hexplorer2.698SEHex editor, many useful featuresSourceforge page
NoteTab Light7.298SENotepad replacement that allows loading multiple files in tabs and other useful features.Homepage
Metapad3.698SENotepad replacement, light & no-nonsense, can load big filesHomepage
GrafX22.4.203598SEPaint program with lots of nice features, DeluxePaint-ishHomepage
Wally1.55b98SEPaint program specialized for Quake texturesQuake Terminus
PakExplorer1.298SEBrowse, extract, and compile Quake .PAK filesQuake Terminus
AdQuedit1.398SEWorks with various Quake formats, insert/extract graphics etc.Quake Terminus
IrfanView4.4498SEImage viewer that supports many formatsHomepage
EasyCleaner2.0.6.38098SEA handy multi-purpose utility for cleaning out junk files, registry cruft, and duplicates. Can also chart disk space usage.Homepage
SpaceMonger1.4.098SEGraphically display disk space usage, handy for finding out what's using up the most space.Snapfiles
SequoiaView1.1e98SESimilar to SpaceMonger, but less colorful and seems slower.Homepage
Lunar IPS1.0298SECreate and apply IPS patches for filesFuSoYa's Niche
ZipInstaller1.2198SEProvides install/uninstall functionality for ZIP-based software distributions.Homepage

Software for DOS

SoftwareSoftware VersionDescriptionLink
NE3.00bText editor made to resemble Borland IDEDownload mirrors
HexIt1.57Powerful hex editor.Homepage
uHex1.0.3Hex Editor, not many features but lightweight. Unless you need a very low-spec program HexIt's probably better.Sourceforge Page
Funky Chicken Utilities FileCRC1.00Calculate CRC32 of files.Download mirrors
VGAPaint 3861.4Deluxe Paint style graphics programHomepage
PaintPro (Cryogen)1997Design ANSI text-screen graphicsDownload mirrors