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ETTiNGRiNDER & ETTiNGRiNDER's Fortress FAQ and info

What is the best way to contact you?
E-mail. I'll reply as best as I can usually within a week or two. Do note that some e-mail hosts may erroneously block my address so check your spam folder if you don't see a reply after a bit. I don't use chat programs often and forum use is intermittent.

How do I spell ETTiNGRiNDER?
Just like that. Correct: ETTiNGRiNDER, also ETTiN GRiNDER, The ETTiNGRiNDER, or The ETTiN GRiNDER. EG for short.
Incorrect: Ettin Grinder, Ettingrinder, EttinGrinder, etc. as well as using "Ettin" for short.

How do I pronounce ETTiNGRiNDER?
Just like that; "ettin grinder". Say it with a death-metal snarl if you feel like going whole hog, but that's optional.

Where does the name ETTiNGRiNDER come from?
The video game Hexen contains an enemy called an Ettin. They are easy to kill and appear in large numbers.
The metal band Lord Belial released a song called Angelgrinder. It's about a demon who brutally slays angels.
The ETTiNGRiNDER, therefore, is someone who brutally slays ettins. A fitting name for a Hexen fan. It has nothing to do with a sandwich made of Ettins, nor is it an Ettin who grinds.

How did you get started in gaming?
The first time I ever played a video game was on an Atari 2600, but most of my early years of gaming were spent on an NES (while visiting, often with a rental game for the weekend) or a Commodore 64 (at home, but most of what I had for it was type-ins and Loadstar compilations). A bit later on I had various DOS and Windows 9x based PCs, starting with a 286.

How did you get started in programming?
Commodore 64 BASIC, and later GW-BASIC / QBASIC on DOS. Since then I occasionally mess around with various programming stuff particularly on DOS and GNU/Linux, but I don't really consider myself a programmer overall, I'm self-taught and just do this stuff when I feel a need for it that no one else is attending to.

How did you get started in game modding?
The first taste probably came from an NES game called Fire 'N Ice which had an edit mode, although unfortunately being an NES game, saving your levels long-term was impossible. BASIC game type-ins, particularly from the Usborne microcomputer book series, introduced me to the idea that I could change the game by altering the variables in the program and such. My first really major experiences with modding were hacking around with Doom WADs and Civilization II maps/units, though. I also played around with a few game making programs, such as ZZT and Megazeux (neither of which I got very far in making projects with), and AGT which allowed making text adventure games and which I made a whole adventure with that's unfortunately long lost.

What are your favorite sorts of games?
As gameplay genres go I generally prefer action of various sorts, including classic FPS, platformers, and top-down action games along the lines of Gauntlet. I also sometimes enjoy strategy, logic, and certain types of RPG (tactical/gameplay-oriented end of the spectrum e.g. roguelikes, dungeon crawlers, Diablo-alikes). Thematically I generally gravitate most to fantasy, swords & sorcery type of themes, often with a darker bent, (my second most preferred theme would probably be horror, as a theme rather than a gameplay style, think Castlevania or Doom for instance, followed by sci-fi and historical, less so modern/real world.) I prefer games with that work well in single-player and have enough of a gameplay-over-story focus to be worth repeat plays; the ability to play and create custom levels is also great.

You must be a big D&D fan?
It's often surprising to people given my tastes, but I've never been a D&D player, or much of a tabletop gamer in general unless you count things like the rare chess match. The closest I generally come is the D&D-based video games like Eye of the Beholder, or solo gamebooks (Fighting Fantasy, etc.).

Other hobbies you might cover on the site?
Every now and then I consider adding a book corner for stuff that I read, mostly in the realm of fantasy and sword & sorcery type stuff. But I have zero patience for deep artsy-fartsy literary analysis type nonsense so I have no idea how much anyone would be interested in my thoughts on such things. Ditto for movies / TV shows, although I also don't watch terribly many of those. Maybe I'll consider programming or tabletop game sections.

I found a mistake in the info on your site.
Let me know so I can fix it. Those types of updates usually get fast-tracked.

Do you do videos/streaming?
I don't intend to do videos often, but I do have a BitChute account for uploading such.

When will you release or update one of your projects?
When I feel I have something fit for release. I may set deadlines for myself at times but I usually don't like to announce deadlines for a project.

Will you host my mod on your site?
If it's for one of the games I cover on the page, then very likely yes, send me a copy or a link to it along with a note that you're looking to have it archived on the Fortress. Usually, I don't post stuff until I've had a chance to play through it fully, but this isn't an immutable rule.

I don't want my mod hosted on your site.
I'd urge you to reconsider if it's really hurting anything for it to be there; I'm trying to provide archives of levels and mods for particular games in a readily accessible form to help ensure that they don't disappear. Mods have been lost forever in the past due to authors being too restrictive about their hosting locations. But if you are still adamant about its removal I can take it down, of course.

Can I use your graphics/mods in one of my projects?
Some of the original graphics and most of my custom levels are under CC0 so check for that first, and if that's the case you can just go right ahead without needing to bother me first. Stuff that's presented as resources for a particular game are meant to be used, but might be under additional restrictions (like only being used for the game they're based on), so check for that but otherwise just go ahead and use them. Stuff that's presented as unfinished can be used, but you have to finish it yourself, I am most likely not interested in doing so. Otherwise ask, the answer is probably yes.

I'm a modder and I would like you to help with my free mod.
If it's for a game that I cover on my site, I'm generally willing to answer questions about how to mod to the best of my ability, and offer use of the resources I have posted in relevant sections, but I won't make your mod for you.

We are an indie games company making new commercial games, would you like to join?

Well, can I commission you to do graphics etc. for my game/mod on an individual basis?
Generally speaking, no. You will have to have a pretty good pitch if you want to ask.

When will you review items from your "treasury"?
When I get a chance. This stuff takes time especially for "hundreds of levels"/"hundreds of games" type discs. Strategy guide reviews also tend to require a close replay of the game to assess walkthroughs and such.

I would like to buy the strategy guide / add-on disc listed on your site.
Stuff that I list in the "treasury" section of the site is there for information, review and documentation purposes. The items are typically not for sale.

A site that you link to is dead / leads to a SPAM site / isn't what you describe it as.
Let me know by e-mail so I can find the real site's new location or remove the link if necessary. I try to check the links periodically but I can't always keep up with them.

A site that you link to has downloads of warez.
Complain directly to the owner of that site / their site host rather than to me. I try to avoid posting warez to my own site or linking to archives that exist primarily for the purposes of warez distribution but I'm not going to police every fan site that has useful information for the possibility that they might also have legally questionable downloads, especially for games that are out of print.

Do you do link exchanges?
Not really. Let me know about your site and if I think it's relevant and useful, I'll link to it. You can likewise link to mine. If I think your site is trash, SPAM, etc. I'm not going to waste people's time with it regardless of if you link to me.

What are the "friend site" links then?
Sites of people who I've interacted positively with, and which are also relevant to my site topics.

Do you have a link banner for your site?
Not really, I made a special one for Corvin that goes directly to the Witchaven section, but I don't currently have one for the Fortress in its entirety. You can ask if you really need one for some reason.

I would like to advertise on your site.

How is the site made?
Plain HTML/CSS in a text editor, no site builder garbage and no JavaScript or counters, ever.

How is the site hosted?
Bloodshedder kindly provided a space on after the previous hosting provider changed their terms. Thanks!