Disciples: Sacred Lands - Editing

Editor notes

Note that when you set the starting gold and mana values for a race, two adjustments are applied to them when the quest is started. Your initial values are first multiplied by 5, and the appropriate per-turn income for the race's turn is then added for the start of the first turn. Bear this in mind if you want to fine-tune the starting resources for your scenario.

Useful hex edits for quest design

Although the game comes with a level editor, not all features are accessible through it. Until an expanded editing tool is made, it is possible to hex edit some values to enable them.

Choose AI Lord's portrait:

To change the portrait that will be used by a Lord in your quest when controlled by the AI, you can perform a quick tweak in a hex editor. Search for the attribute called "FACE" in the Lord's data. The ASCII label "FACE" is immediately followed by a single byte value in the range of 00-03 hex. These values follow the same order as the portrait choices do during player setup: 00 corresponds to the first portrait choice for a Lord of the given race, while 03 is the fourth (female) portrait.