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Disciples: Sacred Lands Gold vs. Standard edition?

It has been asked which quests were added to the Gold edition above what the original release featured. Regarding this, here is the list checked against an original non-Gold Disciples: Sacred Lands CD. The official strategy guide covers the various original release quests except "A Tutorial", probably due to its nature as an introductory scenario. It does not cover the Gold edition quests.

A Tutorial
Dragon Lands
Fire Fight
The Crown of Power
The Dark Temptress
The Plague
The Ultimate Battle
The Unholy Assault
Thug Festival
Witch Hunt

Therefore, it is clear that the following are the additional Gold Edition quests:
Ashes to Ashes
Divine Empire (all chapters)
Switch Back Road
The Ancient Ruin
The Stake
Thunder Hill

As far as I'm aware, the additional quests are the primary difference between the gold and regular editions, although there appear to have been slight changes to the install/launch program as well.