ETTiNGRiNDER's Digital Graphics

Some digital game-type graphics I have done. The graphics on this page are my own original work and I would prefer that you not use them without asking first, except where explicitly noted.

Digitization of a pencil sketch into a game texture

I drew this demon with pencil & paper first, then photographed the drawing as a basis to create a game graphic with. The finished texture appears in my Hexen texture WAD. (November 2016)

Digitization of a demon drawing

From-scratch textures for Heretic and Hexen

Here are some textures which I painted from scratch for my Heretic and Hexen levels. If you'd like to download these in a WAD for use in your own maps, take a look at the Heretic and Hexen resource page.

Custom texture sheet

Larger versions of the demon head appearing on the above brick textures, large digitally painted WIP, and cleaned up texture-size version.

Demon head
Demon head, texture ready

The Sentient Falchion

A magical weapon concept sketch. Dated 2013.

The Sentient Falchion

Knight in the forest

A small game mockup that I never did more with than this. Dated 2011-2013.

Knight in the forest - earlier version
Knight in the forest - later version

Kye NES Tileset

A fantasy-themed tile set in NES style, designed to have tiles suitable for reskinning the game of Kye (a Boulderdash-like action-puzzle game). Lava can serve as the "black hole" tile. CC0 license, use as you wish.

Tileset Additional lava edges

Paletted tests

Sprite and tile tests using the 64-color "extended EGA" palette. The knights came out pretty well, maybe I'll finish them up for use in something some day.

64-color test

EGA gradient tests and a rubbishy knight sprite.

EGA test

Misc. scrapped stuff

Construction of a monster sprite - This was a little test/practice in starting from a rough "sketch" and refining it into a sprite. I never bothered to draw any more frames. Dated December 2014.

3 stages to a monster

This gargoyle was drawn to be a custom texture for my Hexen .WAD, but the flat nature of the graphic meant he didn't work out too well when sticking out of the wall in a 3D way. Dated October 2015.

A wall gargoyle

A putrid demon face wall that I made while experimenting with the Wally texture editor. Quake palette, tiles seamlessly.

A putrid demon face

Some weapon icons that I made a long time ago for someone's failed RPG project. A dagger and two maces. Dated October 2013.

Weapon icons 2013

A few item sprites for a knight's gear. Dated August 2011.

Knight's gear 2011