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Game modding projects

Here are add-on levels and such I have made for video games.

Heretic: Wrath of the Titans

My full 9-level Heretic episode, "Wrath of the Titans", which includes revamped editions of all my previous Heretic levels plus one never before released. The current file is identical to the one found on idgames.

Contents: 9 levels, textures, music
Availability: (Complete)

Screenshot: Wrath of the Titans M1, The Coven
Screenshot: Wrath of the Titans M2, Dragon's Teeth Gardens
Screenshot: Wrath of the Titans M4, Tyrant's Tomb
Screenshot: Wrath of the Titans M9, Cavern of Earthblood

Hexen: The Chronicle of Realms Unknown & Enchanted Lands (C.R.U.E.L.)

A large Hexen hub constructed out of the best cuts from what was originally intended to be a megawad. This is currently BETA QUALITY; the adventure can be played from beginning to end but various problems and omissions still exist, such as lack of difficulty flags and missing secret levels.

Contents: 9 levels in beta (13 planned), textures
Availability: (BETA version, 2023-06-22)

Screenshot: C.R.U.E.L., Circle of Sorrows
Screenshot: C.R.U.E.L., Midnight Sun
Screenshot: C.R.U.E.L., Lake Lachrymose
Screenshot: C.R.U.E.L., Garden of Graves

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