Hexen II Add-ons

Here you can find a collection of levels and hubs to download for Hexen II. Single maps can generally go under the data1\maps subdirectory of your Hexen II install, while larger level packs might go under their own subgame directory. (Hint: if you are using a *NIX port of Hexen II and find some of the maps or other files won't load, it may be due to filenames that have capital letters in them. Change the filenames to lowercase letters and it should work.)

If you want, you can jump directly to a subsection:

Singleplayer levels by other authors: Collected levels which can be played in single player. These were played to completion to make sure that they work.

Deathmatch-with-monsters levels by other authors: Collected levels which are designed for deathmatch, and lack important single player functions like an exit trigger, but do have some monsters to kill. I have not checked these in a proper multiplayer game.

Deathmatch levels by other authors: Collected levels which are designed for deathmatch only. As of this posting these were verified only in so far as making sure they load in the game and can be explored.

Levels by other authors

"Black Plague" by Serge Jaeken
Two Thysis (Egyptian) themed maps (one regular, one boss map) by Serge Jaeken, dealing with the story of a plague emanating from the tomb of an evil pharaoh.

Screenshot of Black Plague

"Mission Pack by Rino"
A set of 22 small, mostly medieval maps by Rino. The maps are generally arranged in a linear fashion with only a few hub-style exits. In-game messages are in Italian. This set is a little rough around the edges in some places, but overall a fun adventure.
Rino's site

Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino

"Mission Pack by Rino 2" (PoP)
A second adventure by Rino, with 12 high quality maps in a linear progression. Primarily Blackmarsh themes are used, with a nice blend of Septimus elements in some areas to create a feel that's more evocative of the Renaissance than ancient Rome. Portal of Praevus is required to play (although PoP creatures/textures are not present.)
Rino's site

Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino 2 Screenshot of Mission Pack by Rino 2
"The Baron Gastone House" by Rino (Port required)
A smaller, three-map hub set from Rino, this one set in a manor and crypts with some custom textures. Unlock the secret of good Baron Gastone's magic piano and battle the Horseman of the Apocalypse that he sealed away before his death. This is another good set from Rino, shorter than the Mission Pack by Rino sets but still recommended! A source port is required, but the set isn't specific to any particular one (I used Hammer of Thyrion).
Rino's site

Screenshot of The Baron Gastone House
"The Dark Mysteries of Dr. Bones" by Rino (Port required)
Rino's dedication to Hexen II comes through once again with another short & sweet hub. This time you are exploring the house of Dr. Bones and the adjoining catacombs. There are lots of custom textures, good thematic use of the game's bestiary and some nice scripted events and traps. There's also some nice design such as little windows to peek through and see where puzzle items can be found later. There's just a little touch of comedy sprinkled in, too. Some of the English in the messages is a little bit odd but nothing too jarring or incomprehensible. Overall another recommended set.
Rino's site

Screenshot of The Dark Mysteries of Dr. Bones Screenshot of The Dark Mysteries of Dr. Bones

"The Tyrant's Tome" by whirledtsar
A short and sweet Roman-ish map with a somewhat arcadey feel while still including pleasing secrets and puzzles, and an aesthetic that surpasses Raven's original levels. Not a long-lasting experience, but a worthy one. Recommended.

Screenshot of The Tyrant's Tome

"Fortress of Four Doors" by C. Alan "calan" Larsen
A large hub by C. Alan "calan" Larsen, exploring all the themes in Hexen II (except Tulku) and concluding with a rematch vs. Eidolon.

Screenshot of Fortress of Four Doors Screenshot of Fortress of Four Doors

"Buried Spire" by Jeremy Statz (Terata) (PoP)
A short but quality medieval map by Jeremy Statz (Terata). Apparently an outtake from the author's work on Portal of Praevus and requires PoP to play, although it does not contain any of the new creatures or textures that I could see.

Screenshot of Buried Spire

"The Temple of Chaos" by Tobias Persson AKA Tobey
A single action-oriented map by Tobias Persson AKA Tobey.
The author says: "An ancient-Egyptian-temple/tomb themed map... There's not much puzzling & thinking going on in here, but there's plenty of Brutal Pain And Death (tm)... (This map is quite hard, so often it's YOU that experience BPAD{tm})"

Screenshot of Temple of Chaos

"Ravenhurst: Resurgence of Evil" by Travis "Boog" Tokaruk (PoP)
A short adventure in a very nice-looking "Lava Barracks" where you fight mostly archers. Seemingly the beginning of an unfinished larger project as there are only two maps and it crashes when you take the elevator on the second one. Portal of Praevus is required due to some features such as the objective notes system, but PoP creatures aren't used.

Screenshot of Ravenhurst Screenshot of Ravenhurst

"Discourteous Bisect (MARTIMH2)" by The MarTim Team
A small single player level with primarily medieval texturing, by The MarTim Team (Tim van Hal, Marco van Schriek, & Roel Tiemessen). There's some competent construction, but a few flaws, the most serious being that you cannot play as the Paladin since you need to shoot a switch at a point where you'll only have the sword as this class.

Screenshot of Discourteous Bisect

"The Docks" (Heretic E1M1) by Kenon
A recreation of E1M1 "The Docks" from the original Heretic, including the original textures and music. Well-done for what it is (a pretty much faithful recreation of the layout, aside from monster loadout and a few other small alterations) although I could have wished for something more of a reinterpretation taking advantage of Hexen II's advances, rather than a closely copied map.

Screenshot of The Docks

"Ahumado's Skull" by Jan M. Pear
A two-map adventure by Jan M. Pear encompassing medieval and egyptian themes. You are on a quest to retrieve the skull of Ahumado. A bit strange and cryptic in some parts, but interesting. There is an error that pops up in the messages about a missing ambient sound sometimes, but it doesn't harm gameplay.

Screenshot of Ahumado's Skull Screenshot of Ahumado's Skull

"Speeeed's Imagination or Speeed's Folly" by Jan M. Pear
A single level with a mixture of themes, by Jan M. Pear. This one is rather strange and could be considered more of an experimental/comedy map with some off-color humour. It's interesting and showcases some neat stuff Hexen II can do, but not recommended for someone who prefers a serious adventure.

Screenshot of Speeed

Multiplayer-with-monsters levels by other authors

Twin Harbour by Josh "Wankeroo" Gallagher & Dehumaniser
A deathmatch level with a decent monster battle in single player. The text seems to indicate that there's an exit in there somewhere, but I haven't found it. The level has a Heretic-style dock town type of theme, with Heretic textures. Apparently an adaptation of a Heretic II custom map.

Screenshot of Twin Harbour

"Worldmix" by HaTe }MoD{ and Pa3PyX
A deathmatch level with no exit, but there are some monsters to exterminate if you're so inclined. It features a mixture of areas showcasing the four themes of the original Hexen II campaign. I imagine navigation might be a bit too tight and fiddly for good deathmatch. The map source is included if you want to edit it.

Screenshot of Worldmix

"Nightmare Castle" by Dehumaniser & Aenn Seidhe Priest
An adaptation of the hidden E4M1 (actually E6M3 in the latest version) found in Heretic, whose ultimate origin is from the idmap01 deathmatch level for Doom 2 by American McGee. A nicely done conversion. Two versions are included, ncastle.bsp appears to be the newer one as well as being the one which includes monsters.

Screenshot of Nightmare Castle

"Apocalypse" by Kravnos
A simple deathmatch level with some levitating structures to traverse if one wants the fourth weapon. There's a solitary werepanther to beat up in single player, but no exit.

Screenshot of Apocalypse

"Dm1V5" by DarkRavager
A surreal deathmatch map on an wide open field, with a switch that turns the lights on and off. Single player has a solitary golem to destroy, and no exit.

Screenshot of Dm1V5

Multiplayer-only levels by other authors

"Adarena1" (author unknown)
Deathmatch with a central arena area with a few floors, one reachable by flight, and a side area.

Screenshot of Adarena1

"Excalibur" by Ace [AD]
Deathmatch in and atop a big castle with lots of ramparts.

Screenshot of Excalibur

"The Agony" by Jacob Bowers
A small deathmatch level centered around a nice-looking setpiece room. Intended mainly for duels.

Screenshot of The Agony

"The Agony (part 2)" by Jacob Bowers
This is an extended version of "The Agony" which is listed above. Two floors of basement under the original level have been added making it suitable for a larger player count, along with other more minor tweaks.

Screenshot of The Agony part 2

"Assultdmhw" by Incubus
An abstract deathmatch map mixing various themes. There is a bit of lava.

Screenshot of Assultdmhw

"The Asylum" by Headrot
A spacious deathmatch level in a horror-themed asylum that includes ruined cells and torture chambers. A few textures are ripped from Quake.

Screenshot of The Asylum

"Bequick" by Ancient1
A small but decent-looking deathmatch level which requires you to take a lava bath if you wish to complete the fourth weapon.

Screenshot of Bequick

"BreakDown" by Desperado
Deathmatch in a cave that features lava and a cage trap that players can mess around with.

Screenshot of BreakDown

"Cowabunga" (author unknown)
A deathmatch in a sort of ruined temple with vegetation. Blocky, but spacious and you can move around smoothly.

Screenshot of Cowabunga

"Cipdm1b2" by ComeInPeace
Deathmatch with several brown rooms connected by red "portals" with a lava bath in the central one. Architecture is basic, but looks like it could be entertaining.

Screenshot of Cipdm1b2

"Dcdm2" (author unknown)
Deathmatch in two rooms connected by teleports, one with multiple tiers and lava at the bottom, the other with a couple of bunker-like structures. The Ring of Flight is put to use.

Screenshot of Dcdm2

"Dcdm3a" (author unknown)
A deathmatch level with some corridors and a big room with some gimmicks like breakable walls and playing with the catapult. Not at all visually pleasing but possibly entertaining.

Screenshot of Dcdm3a

"Dmcitadel" (author unknown)
Deathmatch in some sinister lava ruins textured using rips from Heretic II. One of the nicer looking Hexen II deathmatches I've seen and seems like it could potentially play well too.

Screenshot of Dmcitadel

"Egypt Arena" by Desperado
An Egyptian-themed deathmatch map with good looks and construction. This one is probably fun.

Screenshot of Egypt Arena

"Fun Death" by DarkRavager
A small and very surreal deathmatch arena consisting of levitating structures reachable by swimming.

Screenshot of Fun Death

"Gauntlet" by Utopia
A deathmatch level consisting of a bridge over lava in the middle with an armory of basic weapons and mana on one end and the high-end weapons on the other end with a teleport to a sniper tower. Looks to be designed for players to fight over control of the tower.

Screenshot of Gauntlet

"Havdm1" by Havoc
A small, abstract deathmatch level in white brick with a bit of silent teleport trickery.

Screenshot of Havdm1

"Helix" by Wydraz (Anthony Affrunti)
A small, vertical deathmatch map with ramps around the sides and a column of swimmable water in the center. Author describes it as "Close quaters deathmatch for four."

Screenshot of Helix

"The Circle of Osiris" by Kor Skarn
Deathmatch in a nice-looking Egyptian temple with some silent teleport trickery to make it seem as if the level loops endlessly. It's a neat effect but I'm not sure how well it would pan out when players are running through the halls in question.

Screenshot of The Circle of Osiris

"Hwtomb" by Kor Skarn
Similarly to Hwosiris, this is an Egyptian-style deathmatch map with some silent teleport trickery, but unlike the simple infinite looping trick in Hwosiris, Hwtomb is quite disorienting.

Screenshot of Hwtomb

"Inchwdm3" by Incubus
A deathmatch map with some interesting designs despite mediocre visual appeal. This one might be a fun map.

Screenshot of Inchwdm3

"Inchwdm4" by Incubus
A deathmatch map with two distinct areas to teleport between, a Greco-Roman temple with outdoor areas, and an underground lava cavern. There are some odd texture choices but this is still one of Incubus' more visually appealing maps. Inchwdmf4 is an alternative version of the map with a different item loadout but otherwise appears to be identical.

Screenshot of Inchwdm4

"Inchwdm5" by Incubus
Deathmatch in a cave with lava traps and a teleport to a garden-like area. Getting the good items requires taking some risks with the lava; this aspect seems rather nicely designed.

Screenshot of Inchwdm5

"Int18" by Incubus
A spacious deathmatch map where the fourth weapon can be found in a levitating tower.

Screenshot of Int18

"Kinghill" by Desperado
A fight-for-the-strong-point type deathmatch map where the fourth weapon can be found at the top of a treacherous ramp along the edge of a tall stony shaft. The other room of the map is a cave with the more basic weapons.

Screenshot of Kinghill

"Kinghill2" by Desperado
The sequel to Kinghill, another cliff-climbing deathmatch based around the same concept; get the fourth weapon at the top.

Screenshot of Kinghill2

"King of the Hill 3" by Utopia
Utopia's entry to the "kinghill" style of maps. Once again the deathmatch is based around climbing a cliff to reach the fourth weapon.

Screenshot of King of the Hill 3

"TowerDeath" by Utopia
A deathmatch level with a tall tower in the middle of a box. Climbing the tower requires navigating a narrow ramp that's broken in places, which is tricky even when not being attacked by other players, but the fourth weapon and a lot of mana are waiting at the top. It's essentially similar in concept to the above "King of the Hill" levels.

Screenshot of TowerDeath

"Ksdm1" by Kor Skarn
A deathmatch level in some sort of arcane building. Uses what appear to be some new custom textures (or I don't recognize the source they're from, at least). Uses water as opaque "doors" or "curtains" that can be passed through without hindrance but not seen through. Includes a MIDI track from the first Hexen.

Screenshot of Ksdm1

"Ksdm2" by Kor Skarn
A deathmatch on a series of ring-shaped structures floating in the void. Falling off the edge just teleports you back into the action, rather than killing.

Screenshot of Ksdm2

"Lavagarden" by Desperado
A cavernous deathmatch map with a bunch of gimmicks such as levitating moving cubes that you can ride, rising and falling platforms, and a rainy garden room. I'm not sure how conducive all the bells & whistles are to a good deathmatch, but it is impressive on the technical front.

Screenshot of Lavagarden

"Lovelava" by Ancient1
A big deathmatch level with several different areas, some traps, teleports, a castle exterior, and as the name implies, lots of lava. I imagine this one would be fun for some casual matches.

Screenshot of Lovelava

"Lodoss War - Incan Nightmare" by Lodo (Abdulah Pouriliaee)
Deathmatch in a temple that has a larger bottom floor and a smaller upper one reachable by quick-moving lifts. Nice visuals and seems like it'd be a good design for deathmatching on too.

Screenshot of Lodoss War - Incan Nightmare

"Lodoss War - Lightning War" by Lodo (Abdulah Pouriliaee)
Deathmatch in a spooky stormy castle. Has a few secrets and tricks. Looks to be a decent level.

Screenshot of Lodoss War - Lightning War

"Ominous Inaugural (MARTIMH1)" by The MarTim Team
A medieval-themed deathmatch map. I've seen prettier levels, but looks like it could be fun to play. There's a water pool that requires the dedicated "swim up" key to escape from.

Screenshot of Ominous Inaugural

"The Rotting Mines" by Headrot
A deathmatch set in a series of mine tunnels. The visuals are quite pretty, but ultimately it's a grid of corridors so I doubt it's the most entertaining map around.

Screenshot of The Rotting Mines

"Pmid16" by Incubus
An Egyptian deathmatch map with some large structures and boxy, ugly rooms.

Screenshot of Pmid16

"Rbdm" (author unknown)
Trivial-designed deathmatch in a series of three rectangular, ugly rooms with statues, connected by teleports. Barely worth taking note of, but the spherical teleporters are kind of neat.

Screenshot of Rbdm

"Rrxincs" by Incubus
A multi-tiered deathmatch map with some drop-through lava.

Screenshot of Rrxincs

"Sibh2dm1" (author unknown)
A nice spacious deathmatch map with a secret to find. Not the prettiest but seems like it might play well since movement is easy and unobstructed.

Screenshot of Sibh2dm1

"Streets" (author unknown)
An urban-themed deathmatch level based around some streets and alleyways with store windows you can break into for goodies.

Screenshot of Streets

"Unholy" by Kain
A deathmatch level featuring a graveyard and sewer with some tricks and secrets. Blocky but looks like it could be entertaining.

Screenshot of Unholy

"Wpdm1" by Demolisher
Deathmatch in a castle, with some scenery that you can blow up. Kind of blocky but seems like it might be fun.

Screenshot of Wpdm1

"Wtf5" by Incubus
An abstract, blocky deathmatch level in mostly brown brick. Not pretty but possibly entertaining.

Screenshot of Wtf5

"DM pak for Hexen II" by nihil
A pack of five deathmatch-only maps in a .pak to go in their own -game directory. Despite the author's statement of "Don't expect some cool lookin' levels in this pak!" I've certainly seen worse-looking levels and these also seem like they could be genuinely fun to play judging by a wander around in them. Most are standard deathmatch battlegrounds but N4 is a more experimental map based around the flight powerup.

Screenshot of DM pak (N1) Screenshot of DM pak (N4)

"Hexenworld 2008 map-pack" by JWH
A pack of eight deathmatch-only maps. "Cthulhu's Burnt Offerings" is an original map, which is a boxy affair based around traps, while the other maps are conversions or adaptations. There is a remake of E1M1 from Doom which has some interesting reinterpretations, while the remakes of Quake's deathmatch maps are more or less direct conversions that are aesthetically pleasing but not very imaginative outside of the reinterpretation of the military base level. DM4 does look quite nice in Mazaera theming, in my opinion. Some of the maps use textures ripped from Quake and the earlier Heretic/Hexen games.

Screenshot of 2008 map pack (Cthulhu) Screenshot of 2008 map pack (E1M1) Screenshot of 2008 map pack (DM4)