Heretic & Hexen series - Extras and Curiosities

Here you may download additional Heretic & Hexen related stuff that doesn't fit the other categories.

Heretic cover illustration - "The Druid" by Gerald Brom

Heretic insider interviews with Michael Raymond-Judy
Reprint of a couple of interesting interviews between RambOrc and Michael Raymond-Judy (level designer for Heretic) that formerly appeared on the now defunct RavenGames fan site.

Wintex editing document for Hexen
This is an editing document on using Wintex for Hexen WADs, mirrored from the now defunct Waldo's Hexen Page. Wintex is a very old program, largely superceded by newer ones like SLADE, but if you still intend to use it for some reason (on an older computer for instance) or if you want to see what info here might be transferrable to another editor, you might find it useful.

Hexen 2D Fangame by Aluqah
A Hexen-themed platformer that appears to have been made with Klik & Play. Destroy monsters with your axe or magic staff, flip switches and escape the castle. The sprites are Hexen based but some of the platforming tiles are just some generic set. Controls are pretty clunky, with awkward jumping physics and collision detection, and you only get one life, so it's overall not that great, but it's a Hexen-related thing that exists. Note that this is a 16-bit app and won't work on versions of Windows that drop 16-bit support. It is possible to run it in Windows 3.1 under DOSBox; you must have your Windows 3.1 screen resolution set to at least 800x600, and maximize the window for best results.
Apparently this was made by Aluqah, who I assume is the same Aluqah who made some ZDoom mods, but I can't find a home page or any other web info, so if you have any additional info, let me know. It appears to be a different game from the Hexentic Games one that AFAIK was announced but never released.

Angels Commodore 64 demoscene tributes to Hexen
This contains three Commodore 64 demoscene programs released by the group Angels in 1999. Hexen 1 contains a color slideshow of scenes from Hexen. Hexen 1 Remake has the same pictures, with different captions and music. Hexen 2 is still based around the original Hexen, but this time with a black & white picture slideshow. It appears that these should be run with a PAL system/emulator setting (VICE defaults to PAL display mode). I am not sure if it runs 100% correctly under emulation, maybe the flickery bits are supposed to be a high-color trick that isn't emulating correctly, but it is at least okay.