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Here are some levels for Monster Bash. Drop the hacked .DAT files into a directory along with the correct .EXE from Monster Bash.

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NewBash1 Special Edition Poet A full set of levels to drop in on episode 1 of Monster Bash. These are tough levels with a lot of monsters and some areas where it's difficult if not impossible to avoid damage when passing through. There are a bunch of neat ideas and the set tends to push modding as far as it was possible at the time, though you can tell that the author ran up against problems with some of the hard-coded behaviors. One of the levels is an edit of the original, with some structural and enemy placement changes, while the rest are pretty much wholly redone. Some graphics from the second and third episodes have been imported, particularly castle and swamp environments, although the tiles that should be animated (spiders, candles) are static. You also can't shoot out the candles. There are some other bugs introduced as well, such as the bouncy chairs/couches not animating correctly and strange behavior of the breaking light bulbs. It definitely shows that Monster Bash modding tools are in an early, clunky state that lacks polish, so it's not entirely the author's fault. Despite the issues, there are some interesting designs and challenges in this level set, and it's worth a peek if you're hungry for more Monster Bash.

Save games are also included for easy level skipping if you want to jump around and see what the set has to offer.
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Poet's Monster Bash Page
NewBash1 v9.0 Poet A slightly older version of the above. The difference is that this version includes a hack of the original level 1 instead of a new level. Aside from checking out this edit, there's not much reason to use this instead of the Special Edition. Screenshot of NewBash1 Download

Poet's Monster Bash Page