Warcraft - Patches & Tools

Here are some tools for Warcraft I & II.

Warcraft Save Game Editor 1.1
This is a utility by BJ Pollard which allows you to hack Warcraft I saved games into customized scenarios. It's fairly clunky and has some limitations (like needing to inherit certain aspects of a mission layout from the savegame, and only working with the forest tile set) but it will get the job done. A couple of example scenarios are also included.
Important note: this is a 16-bit Windows app. You will not be able to run it on modern Windows.

Puddle v0.81 beta
A utility that can do a few different manipulations of Warcraft II PUD files, like flip, rotate, change tileset (standard only, no expansion swamp), and view hex dumps. Supposed to be able to export a .BMP as well but this might be broken. Has batch processing too.

Wardraft v1.4a
A utility that can poke around in and edit Warcraft II .WAR archives, for doing modding above and beyond what .PUD editors will let you do.