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Witchaven - Enemies

NB: Some data is still incomplete, and possibly inaccurate. The information here is generally based on Witchaven II and the vanilla game; EGwhaven may adjust a thing or two.

The base HP levels undergo adjustment when a level is loaded. This has two factors: the difficulty setting and a random element. Monsters are therefore tougher on harder skill levels and even monsters of the same type may have slightly different HP values in-game. See the game mechanics section for more details.

It appears that monsters who can drop weapons/items are coded to do so 25% of the time.

Tile # indicates which tile should be assigned to a sprite in BUILD to make the monster function (with NAMES.H for the appropriate game, the "code nickname" will also appear when that tile is selected in the editor).

In both games

Code Nickname: HANGMAN / SKELETON Base HP in Witchaven I: 30
Base HP in Witchaven II: 25
A skeleton that breaks out of its manacles to run around and scratch you, a weak enemy. In vanilla Witchaven II he doesn't animate correctly when moving due to a coding error.
Code Nickname: KOBOLD
Tile #: 737
Pig-like brute that attacks with its fists. Regular ogres are brown, the red ones are more powerful. The manual mentions green ogres, but they do not exist in any of the maps.
Mino Drake
Code Nickname: MINOTAUR
Tile #: 981
Base HP in Witchaven I: 100
Base HP in Witchaven II: 80
A monster with a horned head and serpent's tail. He carries an axe and his blows are quite strong. May drop a battle axe or pike axe when killed.
Lava Fiend
Code Nickname: DEVIL
Tile #: 777
Base HP: 50
Base HP if palette is set to 2: 60
A devil that throws fireballs and often hangs out in lava regions. Immune to freeze spells, but with fire resistance you can fight him with impunity.
Code Nickname: GUARDIAN Base HP in Witchaven I: 200
Base HP in Witchaven II: 100
A floating head that shoots fireballs. The guardian can float up and down, but is otherwise slow-moving. It also appears to be immune to projectile attacks and freeze spells, but can be nuked or shot with arrows. Looks like a tribal idol in Witchaven I and a disembodied wizard head in Witchaven II, but both seem to behave the same.
Willow Wisp
Code Nickname: WILLOW Base HP in Witchaven I: 400
Base HP in Witchaven II: 5
A floating spark that shoots fireballs and can levitate itself to pursue you. In Witchaven I it can level drain you up close.
Midian Warrior
With Halberd:
Code Nickname: GRONHAL
Base HP in Witchaven I: 300
Base HP in Witchaven II: 65
Magic User:
Code Nickname: GRONMU
Base HP in Witchaven I: 300
Base HP in Witchaven II: 70
With Sword & Shield:
Code Nickname: GRONSW
Base HP in Witchaven I: 300
Base HP in Witchaven II: 60
A caped knight who comes in four colors (brown, purple, blue and red) and a few different armaments (magic fireballs, halberd thrower, sword & shield). Uses the same sprites as players do in multiplayer. If his thrown halberd misses, you can pull it from the wall.
According to the background lore, these beings were created from the soul fragments of High Priest Midias after his defeat by Illwhyrin and her witches.
The color of their cape determines how much XP they are worth and what item they will drop, but oddly, not how much HP they have.
Midians summoned by Cirae-Argoth in WH2 are tougher than the rest, with a base HP of 300, but this could be an unintentional failure to update the values rather than a deliberate boost.
Code Nickname: RAT
Not really an enemy, but it runs around and you can kill it. They will attempt to flee and are not worth any experience. Looks different in Witchaven II. The source code imposes a limit of no more than ten rats per level, though most map files contain many more.

Only in Witchaven I

Tile #: 917 (Standing), 922 (Walking), 942 (Loafing)
Base HP - Forest Goblin (Green): 15
Base HP - Desert Goblin (Yellow): 25
Base HP - Mountain Goblin (Brown): 35
A low level enemy that comes in several subspecies (palette swaps). Every race of goblin will infight against other races if they are in the same area; goblins killed in these fights will still grant XP to the player. All varieties may drop a short sword when killed.
Goblins who start in the "chill" position always have a base HP of 15 even if they use a different palette.
According to the background lore, only Mountain Goblins are still loyal to Illwhyrin, the others are rebels and outcasts (hence the infighting.)
Pink goblins, while not documented in the manual, rarely occur (only at the end of Level 3 as far as I know) and may be an oversight on the part of the game developers. They appear to be identical to the green forest goblins stat-wise but it may be possible for green and pink goblins to engage in the usual infighting against each other.
Code Nickname: SPIDER
Tile #: 1070
Base HP: 5
A white spider that crawls low to the ground, making it difficult to hit with most weapons. Its bite is poisonous, but it dies after biting.
Grey Witch
Code Nickname: FATWITCH
Tile #: 821
Base HP: 280
Base HP if palette is set to 7: 290
Fat female monster that throws poisonous flesh. The manual says they can summon spiders, but I've never seen this happen. She is immune to freeze spells.
Skeletal Witch
Code Nickname: SKULLY
Tile #: 1028
Base HP: 300
A big female monster with her skull exposed. Shoots magical bolts which will damage you even if you've taken a fire resistance potion, and can withstand a lot of beating. Immune to freeze spells.
Code Nickname: DRAGON
Tile #: 1201
Base HP: 900
A large fire-breathing dragon. May look intimidating, but quaff a fire resistance potion before facing him and he's useless. Immune to freeze spells.
Code Nickname: JUDY / JUDYSIT
Tile #: 1123 (Standing), 1118 (Kneeling)
Base HP on maps 1-24: 500
Base HP on map 25 or above: 700
The boss of Witchaven I. Appears in various levels to hassle the player, teleporting away when defeated. Normally summons skeletons, and seems to have a spell that destroys the player's armor at melee range, in addition to throwing fireballs. On the final level, she can summon a variety of monsters.
Code Nickname: FRED
Tile #: 871
Base HP: 40
An unused but mostly functional enemy in Witchaven I, looks like a muscular sword-toting monster in a loincloth and boots. You can fight with and kill him, but he doesn't make sounds. Can only be encountered if you put one in using a map editor, but his corpse was used as a decorative element on some maps.

Only in Witchaven II

Code Nickname: IMP
Tile #: 922
Base HP: 20
Witchaven II's replacement for the spider is a nasty little grey-green imp with the typically demonic spade-tip tail. It has a poisonous touch but is easier to hit than spiders, on the other hand, you can't kill them by stomping. Drops potions, sometimes.
Giryon Knight
Code Nickname: GONZO
A heavily armored barbarian in a horned helmet. Comes in hammer, sword & shield, and two-handed sword varieties. They can drop plate armor when killed, as well as a magic shield or two-handed sword depending on the armaments they were carrying. It is also possible for them to be set to spawn a ghostly version of themself after death, although in vanilla Witchaven II this feature suffers from bugs.
There are also statues which can come to life as Giryon Knights.
Argothonian Clansman
Code Nickname: GONZO / KURT
A bare-chested barbarian who may use bare fists, a sword, or pike axes. If he comes with pike axes, you can pull his missed throws from the walls to add to your arsenal, just like your own. Being hit by a thrown axe deals 5-14 damage to you, and 30 damage to other enemies. His pike axes are limited in ammunition; when he runs out he will resort to a sword.
Ciraen Sentinel
Using Fist:
Code Nickname: NEWGUYPUNCH
Base HP: 15
With Morning Stars:
Code Nickname: NEWGUYMACE
Base HP: 45
Can drop: Morning star
Code Nickname: NEWGUYBOW
Base HP: 85
Magic User:
Code Nickname: NEWGUYCAST
Base HP: 85
A barbarian in golden armor. He may use fists, morning stars, bow & arrow or a magic spell. The magic spell that he casts will damage you even when you have fire resistance. The spell and bow are limited in ammunition, and will degrade in the following pattern: Magic User --> Archer --> Morning Stars.
Code Nickname: KATIE
Tile #: 3541
Base HP: 200
Can drop: Horned Skull
The boss of Witchaven II. Throws fireballs and summons Midian Warriors. Drops a horned skull when killed; collecting it triggers the game's victory sequence. Due to a bug in vanilla Witchaven II, using the Ice Razor on her can make the game unwinnable as she won't drop the horned skull if frozen and shattered.
Code Nickname: DEMON
An unused enemy that looks like the blue jumpscare skull and behaves like a Guardian. Only appears if edited into a map.