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Here are some collected Witchaven / Witchaven II files that may be of use or interest to people, such as mods, editors and patches.

"The Horror Back" Witchaven II map set by Lothar

Ten-level addon for Witchaven II, by Lothar. The plot is that Grondoval returns to fight a new witch and her evil army. Now with a batch script courtesy of BME/ILMHB that can load and unload the maps so that you need no longer worry about manually replacing files.


As of 2020-08-25, Lothar was still slowly working on an extended version; you can check for any development updates at

Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Map editor for Witchaven I

A specially compiled version of the BUILD map editor that works with the older MAP format used in Witchaven I. For DOS.

Map editor for Witchaven II

This is the BUILD editor as it appeared in the BUILD folder of Witchaven II CDs. It was not included with the digital re-release for some reason. This package includes a bunch of the .ART and other files that may be redundant with the main game ones, but I simply packed it up the way it was on the CD. For DOS.
Download: wh2build.7z

EDITART utility for graphics

Here is a version of the EDITART program that should work with the Witchaven files. For DOS.

BastART v1.1 utility for graphics

A third-party alternative to EDITART. May be a bit slow at times. For Windows 9x/XP, possibly other Windows (Visual Basic 6, with source).

JOETOOLS utilities for sound/music archives

This contains JOEPACK and JOEUNPACK, my quick-and-dirty command-line utilities to extract or compile JOESND, SONGS, F_SONGS and W_SONGS archives. Should work with TekWar SOUNDS / SONGS as well. Includes source code under the MIT open source license.
Major warning: I am pretty sure there is a bug in this program that I never bothered to fix, that makes it rebuild the archives incorrectly. I haven't touched this code in years and would probably do some things differently but it's here just in case someone finds it useful or wants to build a better program off of the code.
Compiled binaries are for 32-bit Windows (any version even down to 95/98 if I'm not mistaken) but can possibly compile to other systems as well.

ETTiNGRiNDER's Unofficial Witchaven I level patches v2

This is my unofficial IPS patch set that repairs the defective pull chain on level 5 and the ungettable bow on level 13 of Witchaven I. It should be possible to apply with any IPS patching tool (see below for Floating IPS, my current recommended choice).

FGSFDS's Unofficial Witchaven II level fixes

Corrected MAP files contributed by FGSFDS. Corrects the nonsensical sky sprite on level 5 and several issues on level 13.

Witchaven DeHacker v1.1

By -=CHE@TER=- and Corak the Avatar. Despite the name, this is a convenience patcher rather than a gameplay modification tool. Works with various versions of Witchaven I and can patch the game to have tweaked controls and/or run without needing the CD in drive. I'd recommend using EGwhaven for fixes instead, but this is here if you want it.

Floating IPS

An IPS/BPS patching utility by Alcaro. Released under GPL, it includes source code and works under both Windows and GNU/Linux systems. This is now the utility I recommend for creating/applying IPS patches such as the level fixes above.

BME's Witchaven Map Browser v1.0

A textmode frontend by BME that lets you select and load any map in Witchaven I, including custom maps. Works by swapping map file names on the fly. For DOS.

BME's Witchaven II Map Browser v2.0

As above, but this version is for Witchaven II. In v2.0, BME has now updated it with the option of launching EGwhaven, as well. For DOS.


Bugfix EXEs for Witchaven I & II. Dead project, no longer in development, don't bother sending bug reports / feature requests as I currently have zero interest in resuming development. The latest version is included with the digital re-release of the game.
A full set of older releases for historical interest can be found archived here: external link to

Witchaven cover illustration

Clean high-res image of the box cover / title screen illustration for Witchaven.
View/download: "Death's End" by Ken Kelly

Witchaven II cover illustration

Clean high-res image of the box cover / title screen illustration for Witchaven II.
View/download: "Field of Fury" by Ken Kelly

Witchaven theme audio track

Some of the CD releases of Witchaven have a second CD track with a .WAV file (not an audio CD track) containing this theme, which seems to be identical to that played during the Witchaven intro animation. Here's a .FLAC-compressed version of the track.
Download: Capstone.Software.Witchaven.theme.flac

Elfor's Witchaven Icon

A modern-style (64x64) program icon of Grondoval's hero helmet, submitted by Elfor.
Download: whaven.ico

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