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The grim stone walls stand tall and strong before you, crowned with gargoyles whose hollow eyes seem ever watchful. As you approach, the portcullis slowly opens with an ominous creak, revealing the gloom beyond. Within lies the domain of ETTiNGRiNDER.

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Latest Update

2 Apr. 2017
The Disciples section has grown a bit and I've added a couple of maps by other authors to it. I've also expanded the list of software suitable for vintage systems and updated the EDITART download on the Witchaven tools page (thanks Corvin).

Older News

22 Mar. 2017
I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the site "Warcraft II Occult" that I'd long intended to mirror the map downloads from has disappeared, and many of the files are lost. I've put up a quick and dirty Warcraft section with the downloads that I was able to recover; if you have any additional files from that site which I am missing, please send them to me. Additionally, I've made a few small updates to the Witchaven pages (Trivia and Versions in particular) and added a download for the EDITART version that works with WH and WH2. I've also added a few more programs to the list of Windows 98 compatible utilities.

21 Feb. 2017
I have updated the Witchaven versions page with more information on the versions I know about. I have also added the WH1 patch downloads. There are probably a few versions that aren't yet covered.

16 Feb. 2017
Although with many delays due to both offline and online frustrations, and the upheaval of switching operating systems on my main PC, here is an overdue update for the new year, with a redesign to the site. Various things have been added; more info on Witchaven versions and Hexen music track assignment in particular, as well as a new version of my Hexen texture pack. I've deferred a few of the things I wanted to add in the interest of "update the damn site already", so watch this space.

24 Oct. 2016
A new EGwhaven is finally out, with some long overdue additions including a Witchaven I version (with special thanks to Adam Biser for helping me to get it working). This version is still a bit experimental so be sure to report bugs or regressions that weren't there before.
In other news, I've added D!ZONE 150 and Demon Gate 666 to the shovelware treasury.
One other note: I have tried to reply to a couple of e-mails recently but my address may have been blocked or sent to spam. Please check this if you sent me an e-mail and were expecting a reply.

7 Sep. 2016
Ernie Roque of the Witchaven dev team was kind enough to send me an explanation of the ship screenshot on the Witchaven box and I've updated the trivia page accordingly.

9 Jul. 2016
I know I've been rather quiet of late but I'm still out there and hope to get some exciting stuff going again pretty soon. Today is partly a cleanup update, including making the site menu a little more manageable. The menu now has subsections collapsed until you go to that section of the site. I also went through my download files and corrected the e-mail and website mentions to the current openmailbox.org and youfailit.net. Some .ZIP files were upgraded to .7Z in the process; let me know if you encounter any broken download links. There is more than just cleanup, however! Now present is the Digital Graphics subsection of my "Drawings & Graphics" area that I've been meaning to add. I have also added several Quake discs to the Add-on Disc Treasury.

2 May 2016
Made a large update to the add-on and shovelware treasury page, including the Level Master series, W!ZONE, Morecraft, Beyond the Dark Portal, and Doom Companion Edition. It should be more or less caught up with my collection now.

29 Apr. 2016
Added the Quake Authorized Strategy Guide and Doom II Official Strategy Guide to the strategy guide treasury. Added some information on which quests were added to the Disciples: Sacred Lands gold edition to the Disciples page. Bottom-of-page e-mail links should all now be fixed, as well.

9 Feb. 2016
The Witchaven walkthroughs are updated and now cover all maps of both games. The Witchaven trivia page is updated with some information on the connection with Wyrm Works' Witchaven tabletop RPG supplement. I have also added a somewhat misleadingly named "Witchaven DeHacker" to the Witchaven Patches and Tools section. It allows you to patch in a few convenience hacks such as tweaked controls.

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