Welcome to ETTiNGRiNDER's Fortress

The grim stone walls stand tall and strong before you, crowned with gargoyles whose hollow eyes seem ever watchful. As you approach, the portcullis slowly opens with an ominous creak, revealing the gloom beyond. Within lies the domain of ETTiNGRiNDER.

Here you may find info and files for some of my favorite old games and computing info primarily of the DOS/Windows 9x era, including my personal game modding, creative and programming projects. Particular attention is given to the Heretic & Hexen series, the Witchaven series and to strategy guides and add-on level CDs. Take a look around.

Latest Update

2 Feb. 2019
New game section added—Abuse! There are some add-on levels that I was able to find available to download, more to come.

I went through my various game level releases and updated the text files. This was just for the sake of updating e-mail and licensing info, the maps themselves weren't changed so there's no rush to re-download any of it.

Older News

12 Jan. 2019
The fortress still stands in 2019! I've uploaded Rino's latest level set for Hexen II, "The Baron Gastone House". You can find it on the Hexen II add-ons page. This is a pretty good one, so check it out!

Additionally, I've continued to update the Heretic HHE page, now with a much more detailed table of thing flags and what they do, as well as a note on an unused thing and frames for modding. Also expanded on the Witchaven trivia page with some more info on the WyrmWorks set prompted by a reader question.

Giveaways have concluded for now; no one took the strategy games so I might re-offer at a later time. To those who got codes, enjoy!

29 Dec. 2018
I've made a few updates to the Heretic HHE page, mostly to detail a few more peculiarities I've encountered in my latest experiments with it. I've also archived some more Hexen II and Heretic II maps on their respective pages. More to come as I continue to dig through old archives of this stuff.

28 Dec. 2018
While I've heretofore only collected single-player maps in my Hexen II add-on archives, I've now opened them up to collecting deathmatch maps as well. As a result, over 50 maps for Hexen II have been uploaded. Some of these were exhumed from pretty sparse remnants of long-defunct sites so in a few places it might be a bit spotty on the titles/authorship of some of the maps, feel free to contact if you know more about some of the uncertain ones. The Heretic II section should be likewise expanded some time soon.

24 Dec. 2018
A bunch of sprite and texture resources that were formerly only accessible from a crusty old forum thread have now been sorted through and uploaded to the Heretic & Hexen resources page. Merry Christmas to all you Heretics and Hexers out there!

23 Dec. 2018
A few expansions on the vintage computer & console section with updated software recommendation and compatibility sections for old PCs. I've also added sections of "Extras & Curiosities" to hold miscellaneous downloads related to the Witchaven and Heretic & Hexen series. These new sections should continue to expand in the near future.

29 Nov. 2018
FGSFDS kindly contributed fixed MAP files for Witchaven II that correct some of the bugs on level 5 and level 13. You can get the files from the Witchaven patches and tools section. I've also updated the Witchaven version gallery with more images.

31 Oct. 2018
As the HUMP Mini compilation (for which I contributed E1M6 "The Black Heart") finally has an official completed release, I have added it to the Heretic add-on section. Additionally, from other authors, the Hexen II add-ons section has been expanded with "The Tyrant's Tome" by whirledtsar and "The Docks" (a Heretic E1M1 remake) by Kenon. A large gallery of photos from various releases of Witchaven and Witchaven II has been added to the Witchaven versions page. Also various small updates including to the Witchaven trivia pages, the vintage game and system notes page, better quality version of the Witchaven "Death's End" cover illustration, and combed through to add/remove links from the links page.

In other news, it appears that OpenMailbox is dead. I am attempting to clean up any references to my address there from these pages, but if any remain, please make sure to address all e-mails to my primary Tutamail address instead. I've upgraded to premium Tutamail but will also be investigating further options for the future.

24 Jun. 2018
I've updated my collection of Hexen textures for use in custom levels, and added a pack of Heretic ones as well. These contain my edits and original textures as well as some of the best textures from the community. You can find the WADs on the Heretic and Hexen modding resources page.

27 Apr. 2018
Updated EGwhaven with a quick fix to prevent crashes with certain sound setups.

I have also uploaded my newest Heretic map, "Tyrant's Tomb", as well as the Jaws In Space Heretic Speedmapping session 1, to the Heretic levels page.

23 Apr. 2018
After a dark and bitter winter, ETTiNGRiNDER makes a triumphant return to rule over the fortress once again. A few important updates have been made, notably:

A new EGwhaven version is now out, bringing it to version 1.3. This fixes some serious bugs to savegame code that were introduced in v1.2 when I rushed it out the door and then failed to update for a long time, for which I apologize. A few other bugfixes and feature updates have also been made so trash your buggy v1.2 and upgrade to v1.3 ASAP.

I've also updated the HHE page for Heretic with a lot of new info about things that can be done with the tool. It's not fully complete yet, but a lot more helpful than before.

Also moved 2016's updates to the "old news" page.

16 Dec. 2017
Site maintainence: the screenshots on the various add-on levels pages should render better in most cases in the Dillo browser (although still not always correct with odd window sizes, the browser seems to have poor support for image scaling) as well as looking slightly nicer in some major browsers as well.

31 Oct. 2017
EGwhaven has been updated to v1.2. This version addresses a previously unnoticed bug in savegames held over from the vanilla versions, as well as framerate/mouse smoothness complaints and an issue with XP from frozen enemies. Have a happy witch night!

20 Oct. 2017
EGwhaven has been updated to v1.1 to address a couple of lingering bugs and control issues.
I've also uploaded the Heretic Upstart Map Project (for which I designed E2M5) to the Heretic add-ons section.

18 Oct. 2017
EGwhaven v1.0 is now released! This marks the first "complete" version of EGwhaven which should finally be relatively stable, many bugs fixed, and a few new features added that may be of interest to map set designers. Please report bugs/requests to the usual E-Mail address.
Additionally, I've updated my Witchaven unofficial level patches to include a fix that enables collecting the bow in Witchaven level 13. You can find it in the Witchaven patches and tools section. Have a very witchly Halloween season!

12 Oct. 2017
-=CHE@TER=- has sent word that a new version of the "Witchaven Dehacker" utility is now available, which recognizes the EGWH1.EXE v0.2 as well as the official Witchaven EXEs. I have updated the download in the Witchaven utility section accordingly.

18 Sep. 2017
Just fixing/updating a few links and pieces of information on the pages. I've been busy on a few things for release which are not ready yet but I didn't want them to hold up the site fixes any longer. More interesting update coming within the next month, I hope!

18 Aug. 2017
EGwhaven development is finally back on track with a bunch of new fixes, primarily focused on getting Witchaven I up to speed, but plenty of stuff for Witchaven II has come up in the process. The annoying "sound stuck on loop" bug should finally be gone, and your saved games should now be interchangeable between vanilla Witchaven (2) and EGwhaven, among other things. In the process, a few notes on the other Witchaven pages have been updated where applicable.

15 Aug. 2017
At long last I've begun delving into what Heretic II add-ons I can exhume from the depths of the net and collecting them to a page. More will be added as I finish playing through them but for now you should be able to get a good dose of heresy from these. Along with this, I've added a bunch of more official and unofficial patches for the Heretic and Hexen series to the relevant page.
In other news, I have a new e-mail address that should be considered the preferred one for now. However, the old one is still operational and will be checked as well.

24 Jul. 2017
Mostly a "still alive" update today, though various small additions and updates have been made to the pages, particularly the link section. Although I've been rather absent from most online game communities of late, that doesn't mean I've quit from gaming—far from it!

2 Apr. 2017
The Disciples section has grown a bit and I've added a couple of maps by other authors to it. I've also expanded the list of software suitable for vintage systems and updated the EDITART download on the Witchaven tools page (thanks Corvin).

22 Mar. 2017
I discovered, much to my chagrin, that the site "Warcraft II Occult" that I'd long intended to mirror the map downloads from has disappeared, and many of the files are lost. I've put up a quick and dirty Warcraft section with the downloads that I was able to recover; if you have any additional files from that site which I am missing, please send them to me. Additionally, I've made a few small updates to the Witchaven pages (Trivia and Versions in particular) and added a download for the EDITART version that works with WH and WH2. I've also added a few more programs to the list of Windows 98 compatible utilities.

21 Feb. 2017
I have updated the Witchaven versions page with more information on the versions I know about. I have also added the WH1 patch downloads. There are probably a few versions that aren't yet covered.

16 Feb. 2017
Although with many delays due to both offline and online frustrations, and the upheaval of switching operating systems on my main PC, here is an overdue update for the new year, with a redesign to the site. Various things have been added; more info on Witchaven versions and Hexen music track assignment in particular, as well as a new version of my Hexen texture pack. I've deferred a few of the things I wanted to add in the interest of "update the damn site already", so watch this space.

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