ETTiNGRiNDER's Digital Graphics

Some digital game-type graphics I have done. The graphics on this page are my own original work and I would prefer that you not use them without asking first, except where explicitly noted.

Construction of a monster sprite

This was a little test/practice in starting from a rough "sketch" and refining it into a sprite. I never bothered to draw any more frames, and probably won't.

3 stages to a monster

Digitization of a pencil sketch into a game texture

I drew this demon with pencil & paper first, then photographed the drawing as a basis to create a game graphic with. The finished texture appears in my Hexen texture WAD. (November 2016)

Digitization of a demon drawing

From-scratch textures for Heretic and Hexen

Here are some textures which I painted from scratch for my Heretic and Hexen levels. If you'd like to download these in a WAD for use in your own maps, take a look at the Heretic and Hexen resource page.

Custom texture sheet

Scrapped stuff

This gargoyle was drawn to be a custom texture for my Hexen .WAD, but the flat nature of the graphic meant he didn't work out too well when sticking out of the wall in a 3D way.

A wall gargoyle

A putrid demon face wall that I made while experimenting with the Wally texture editor. Quake palette, tiles seamlessly.

A putrid demon face