Witchaven Versions & Demos

Here you may find information on the various EXE versions of Witchaven and Witchaven II, as well as downloads for the demo versions. Note that the version number which appears at game start is often unhelpful as multiple versions were released which report the same version number. The page is a work in progress and some versions (particularly patched versions) might not be listed yet.

All demo versions of the game are limited to the first three levels and appear to use older versions of some graphics and other data. There was no demo release of Witchaven II that I am aware of.

Witchaven Demo

Several versions of the Witchaven demo exist. There don't appear to be differences between the .MAP and .ART files in these versions and I am not sure of the exact .EXE differences.

DateSize (Bytes)CRC32Reported Version #DownloadNote
18 Jul. 1995462,3199DA4D3170.1DownloadWith graphical config utility.
21 Jul. 1995510,091C71C348F0.1DownloadWith graphical config utility.
31 Jul. 1995520,9121386D0AE1.0DownloadFound on the CD "Especial de Juegos".
Thanks Marco for the submission!

Witchaven Retail

Official full versions of Witchaven. To use the patches just unpack them into your Witchaven directory and overwrite the files. Only use one patch at a time.

DateSize (Bytes)CRC32Reported Version #Patch DLNote
3 Sep. 1995675,280ADD43DCC1.0N/AFrom retail CD.
12 Oct. 1995696,0115E15AB8F1.0PatchCheat patch.
This version included some additional cheats that do not carry over to the later versions.
Purportedly this was to assist with writing the official strategy guide.
8 Nov. 1995621,249C0D73B831.1PatchMouse patch.
No CD check. Disabling joystick is broken in the setup that comes with this version.
9 Jan. 1996708,021204E80091.1PatchVFX1 patch.
A special version customized for use with Forte Technologies VFX1 headgear.
5 Mar. 1996765,1494495FDEF1.1PatchDWANGO/VFX1 update patch.
No CD check.
This is also the pre-built EXE appearing in Les Bird's source release,
appears to be the final update.
Recommended version.

Witchaven II Retail

Official full versions of Witchaven II. There was presumably an earlier v2.0 but I have not come across a clean version of it (both of my CDs have v2.0c).

DateSize (Bytes)CRC32Reported Version #Note
27 Mar. 19961,027,593C6EF92662.0cFrom retail CD.
13 May 1996870,837D35089B12.0gPre-built EXE from Les Bird's source release, probably final update.
Unsure if this version was ever released on CD or as patch.

Unofficial hacks/patches

Versions that are known to be hacked, cracked, etc.

EXEDateSize (Bytes)CRC32Reported Version #Note
WH2.EXE15 Apr. 19961,041,041A4125C592.0Cracked to remove CD check.
Bad version with additional bugs, not recommended to use.