Thanks to former Capstone employee Les Bird, the source code to Witchaven & Witchaven II has been made available to fans, making it possible for new bugfixes and enhancements to be done. EGwhaven is my own attempt at doing so with the Witchaven II source. Thanks to help from Adam Biser I have been able to begin work on patching up the source to the original Witchaven as well.

EGwhaven features:

  • Many fixes to bugs and oversights in the vanilla release.
  • A GAME parameter, inspired by Quake, that allows you to place your custom .MAP files, STUFF.DAT and (if modding is worked out for them) JOESND, F_SONGS and W_SONGS in a subfolder, and have the game load them, while still falling back on the default data if something is not replaced in the subfolder. (WH2 only right now).
  • A WARP parameter to instantly start the game on the desired level number.

Notes and caveats: this project may be a "port" in the "Doom port" sense that's sometimes used to mean an enhanced rebuild of the source code, but it is not a "port" in the true sense of being ported to another system; it's currently still a DOS program to be run under DOSBox (or perhaps on a DOS machine, if you have one.) Maybe when it's patched up to my liking I'll see about real porting.

This is not a GPL or Open Source project as the unofficial status of Les Bird's source release does not allow for this. Furthermore, I would warn you that I am just an amateur coder, self-taught, so it's entirely possible I've made some bugs of my own.

A discussion board for EGwhaven and Witchaven in general can be found on the RTCM forum.

EGwhaven banner

Current release

EGWH1 0.1 and EGWH2 0.6 binaries
Get this if you just want something ready for play.

EGWH1 0.1 and EGWH2 0.6 source
Get this if you want to tinker with the source code.

Old releases

For historic archival. You probably don't want these, with the possible exception of v0.5 if you preferred some things from the previous WH2 version.

EGwhaven v0.5 binary

EGwhaven v0.5 source

EGwhaven v0.4 binary

EGwhaven v0.4 source

EGwhaven v0.3 binary

EGwhaven v0.3 source

EGwhaven v0.2 binary

EGwhaven v0.2 source

EGwhaven v0.1b binary

EGwhaven v0.1 source