Witchaven - Patches and Tools

Here you can find downloadable patches and utility programs to use with Witchaven and Witchaven II.


ETTiNGRiNDER's Unofficial Witchaven Level 5 patch
This is my unofficial IPS patch that repairs the defective pull chain on level 5 of Witchaven. Once patched, the key area can be accessed and the level completed without the use of an Open Doors scroll. It should be possible to apply with any IPS patching tool.


BUILD Editor for Witchaven I
Level editor for use with the original Witchaven, courtesy of JonoF and Corvin. By working with version 6 of the BUILD map format, this lets you edit or replace the game's dungeons without needing version converter utilities.

This contains JOEPACK and JOEUNPACK, my basic command-line utilities to edit JOESND, SONGS, F_SONGS and W_SONGS archives. Should work with TekWar SOUNDS / SONGS as well. Includes source code under the MIT open source license.

BME's Witchaven Map Browser v1.0
A DOS textmode frontend by BME that lets you select and load any map in Witchaven, including custom maps. Works by swapping map file names on the fly.

BME's Witchaven II Map Browser v2.0
As above, but this version is for Witchaven II. In v2.0, BME has now updated it with the option of launching EGwhaven, as well.

Witchaven DeHacker v1.0
By -=CHE@TER=- and Corak the Avatar. Despite the name, this is a convenience patcher rather than a gameplay modification tool. Works with various versions of Witchaven I and can patch the game to have tweaked controls and/or run without needing the CD in drive.