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Stuff that happened a year or more ago gets archived here.

24 Oct. 2016
A new EGwhaven is finally out, with some long overdue additions including a Witchaven I version (with special thanks to Adam Biser for helping me to get it working). This version is still a bit experimental so be sure to report bugs or regressions that weren't there before.
In other news, I've added D!ZONE 150 and Demon Gate 666 to the shovelware treasury.
One other note: I have tried to reply to a couple of e-mails recently but my address may have been blocked or sent to spam. Please check this if you sent me an e-mail and were expecting a reply.

7 Sep. 2016
Ernie Roque of the Witchaven dev team was kind enough to send me an explanation of the ship screenshot on the Witchaven box and I've updated the trivia page accordingly.

9 Jul. 2016
I know I've been rather quiet of late but I'm still out there and hope to get some exciting stuff going again pretty soon. Today is partly a cleanup update, including making the site menu a little more manageable. The menu now has subsections collapsed until you go to that section of the site. I also went through my download files and corrected the e-mail and website mentions to the current and Some .ZIP files were upgraded to .7Z in the process; let me know if you encounter any broken download links. There is more than just cleanup, however! Now present is the Digital Graphics subsection of my "Drawings & Graphics" area that I've been meaning to add. I have also added several Quake discs to the Add-on Disc Treasury.

2 May 2016
Made a large update to the add-on and shovelware treasury page, including the Level Master series, W!ZONE, Morecraft, Beyond the Dark Portal, and Doom Companion Edition. It should be more or less caught up with my collection now.

29 Apr. 2016
Added the Quake Authorized Strategy Guide and Doom II Official Strategy Guide to the strategy guide treasury. Added some information on which quests were added to the Disciples: Sacred Lands gold edition to the Disciples page. Bottom-of-page e-mail links should all now be fixed, as well.

9 Feb. 2016
The Witchaven walkthroughs are updated and now cover all maps of both games. The Witchaven trivia page is updated with some information on the connection with Wyrm Works' Witchaven tabletop RPG supplement. I have also added a somewhat misleadingly named "Witchaven DeHacker" to the Witchaven Patches and Tools section. It allows you to patch in a few convenience hacks such as tweaked controls.

31 Oct. 2015
Happy Halloween! To celebrate the 20th anniversary of Hexen's release, have a texture pack for Hexen with variant textures, plus a few originals, that I've edited, painted or collected over the years.

19 Oct. 2015
Let's celebrate the new hosting on with EGwhaven v0.5!

14 Oct. 2015
Due to changes in Jimdo policy, I've rehosted the site and redesigned in the process.

12 Sep. 2015
I've begun the long-overdue walkthrough and map guide for Witchaven I, which is currently still a work in progress. Stay tuned for more.

6 Aug. 2015
Lothar sends word that he's working on more maps for Witchaven II. You can see some screenshots at his Witchaven II blog.

2 Jun. 2015
Updated the maps for the Witchaven II walkthrough. Locations of keys are now marked.

30 May 2015
Filled out the section of Hexen II maps by other authors with "Discourteous Bisect", "Ahumado's Skull" and "Speeeed's Imagination". The section now contains all Hexen II SP maps I've been able to get my hands on thus far; if you happen to have a copy of "Gehenna" (also by Jan M. Pear who did Ahumado and Speeeed) please contact me as I haven't been able to find a working download. (NB: I have since contacted the author of Gehenna and received the map, but it's not fit for uploading in its current state.)

24 May 2015
Uploaded the first version of my JOEUNPAK and JOEPACK utilities to work with Witchaven audio archives, with source code. You can find them on the Witchaven patches and utilities page.

23 May 2015
Did a little more investigation on the Witchaven JOESND format and made a few important corrections to what I had previously written on it. Should be able to make a basic tool for unpacking them some time soon.

18 May 2015
Added Awesome Sega Genesis Secrets, Awesome Sega Genesis Secrets II, and Prima's 3D Action Gamer's Bible to the strategy guide treasury. Added More War: The Return of the Horde and Wolfenstein 3D and Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold Companion Edition to the shovelware treasury.

15 May 2015
Noticed that Jimdo has some nice new site styles, so I've upgraded the look of the page.

28 Apr. 2015
I've made a small "Vanilla Visuals" mod for Heretic and Hexen running under ZDoom or Zandronum that turns off the altered translucency and decal effects for a more vanilla-like look.

23 Apr. 2015
I've added a section with some of my drawings, one new and several old.

13 Feb. 2015
BME/ILMBH has updated the Witchaven II map browser again; now it supports the EGwhaven WARP parameter.

11 Feb. 2015
BME/ILMBH's Witchaven II map browser has been updated to correct a bug. I've also re-uploaded old EGwhaven versions for historical interest.

10 Feb. 2015
EGwhaven v0.4 is out! Many little (and occasionally not so little) bugs and annoyances have been addressed in this version. Also, my Witchaven II map guide now has walkthroughs for every map.

7 Feb. 2015
BME/ILMBH has provided me with a .BAT script that loads and unloads the levels in Lothar's "The Horror Back" automatically so you need no longer worry about overwriting files. The download has been updated.

6 Feb. 2015
I've uploaded the finalized version of Mountain King's Domain for Heretic; idgames archival pending as soon as I can connect to their FTP. Time to choose my next focus for level design! Additionally, the download for BME's Witchaven II map browser has been updated to v2.0, which now includes EGwhaven support.

5 Feb. 2015
After over a year in existence, the Fortress finally has some semblance of an about page. Also, I've begun uploading my collection of Hexen II custom maps by other authors. More to come.

31 Jan. 2015
Mountain King's Domain is in the next round of beta testing; you can check it out on the Heretic custom maps page.

21 Jan. 2015
New EGwhaven, v0.3! Includes further refinement to mouse code, and expansion of the GAME parameter, which can now load STUFF.DAT, JOESND, W_SONGS and F_SONGS as well as maps. (STUFF.DAT loading should also allow custom art tiles to be used if packed in the STUFF.DAT file, but loose .ART files in the subdir are currently not supported.) You can download compiled EXEs and source code from the EGwhaven page.

15 Jan. 2015
Added a BUILD editor that works with the original Witchaven to the Witchaven patches & utilities section, courtesy of JonoF and Corvin.

30 Nov. 2014
I've put up a bit of info on the vanilla Heretic behavior editor, HHE.

17 Nov. 2014
A new level for vanilla Heretic, "Mountain King's Domain", is now in open beta. You can download it over here.

16 Nov. 2014
EGWhaven v0.2 is up! It includes fixes to the treasure chest randomizer, added behavior for the Willow Wisp's non-functioning attack, and further refinements to player input and movement.

9 Nov. 2014
Receiving some publicity and Witchaven testing assistance from Corvin of R.T.C.M. As such I'm fleshing out the Witchaven sections some more and organizing things for the next round of EGwhaven.

21 Aug. 2014
I've posted one of the "big things" mentioned in the previous news post: check out EGwhaven, a project to bugfix and enhance the Witchaven II source code.

16 Aug. 2014
Still working on site renovations. Expect some big things soon.

12 Aug. 2014
I'm renovating the page again.

3 Jun. 2014
I experimented with using a slowdown utility with Witchaven II and feel more sure than ever that the game suffers from clock speed related issues. See my notes on the Witchaven Bug Hunt page for updated troubleshooting advice.

3 May. 2014
Added Maximum Death to the treasury, and updated the H!Zone photo with a better quality one. Also unearthed the proper command line parameter for map loading in Witchaven II, along with continuing bug cataloging efforts.

30 Apr. 2014
I've added Deathday and The Master Levels for Doom II to the treasury.

17 Apr. 2014
Updated the shovelware treasury with a new overview of The Ultimate Add On Collection for Doom / Doom II, as well as better photos for Magic & Mayhem and Total Ruin.

14 Apr. 2014
Added D!Zone 2 and Heresies to the shovelware treasury.

31 Jan. 2014
The strategy guides and mission pack that I have for Hexen II are now indexed in the Treasury.

27 Jan. 2014
Added two quests for Disciples: Sacred Lands, a re-release of Heart of Ice and a new release, Shining Isles. Find them in the Map Vault.

1 Dec. 2013
Rearranged the site and adjusted links accordingly.

25 Oct. 2013
Added some information on Witchaven's bugs and glitches and an overview of the official Disciples: Sacred Lands strategy guide to the treasury.

6 Oct. 2013
Released a new vanilla Heretic map, Valley of Saints, available in the Map Vault. (idgames archival pending.)

20 Sep. 2013
Added vv's Heretic patch to the utilities.

25 Aug. 2013
The new site has been begun. 'tisn't pretty but it serves.